Ok, I'm not sure if this is the right place to bring this up. Please, don't hesitate to direct this n00b to the proper group if this isn't it.

Has anyone seen the newest fad? Cross jeans?  They are jeans with a bejeweled cross on the back pocket.

I'm merely curious if, as atheists, you would wear such a fashion statement, or allow your teenage girls to? Or if it's just no big deal?

Personally, as an atheist, I would rather die than wear something as loathsome as cross, and that speaks for all aspects of fashion.  

I'm just wondering if anyone else has an opinion on this?

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Wow -- I was thinking this has to be a US Bible Belt thing ... but you're in BC. I can say that just south of the border, I never heard nor saw such a thing, but now I'm fearing a wave of cross jeans.

The more I think of it though, the more hilarious it becomes. I'm thinking tight jeans with crosses and a whole booty of mixed messages.
I like the look of the cross, from a design perspective it looks right to me. I was raised Mormons, and Mormons hate the cross because it represents Jesus getting killed, which is something they are not a fan of. So generally my interaction with the cross is merely a pop-culture fad, almost a rebellious look, which I am okay with. I've worn crosses before, like my (deceased) brother's necklace.

It confuses people, because I'm non-religious, but I don't see why I have to make sense to anyone but me. I try to avoid them for other symbols, however, because of the religious implications. But I think the cross has lost much of it's religious power to the fashion industry.

I've noticed the decorated pocket fad, but these particular jeans would be wasted on me. I go for the gothic cross look, if anything, and generally I wear long tops that cover my ass. I don't tend to pay more than $40, if that, for pants, and these fads tend to take jeans to the $80 to $200 region. Ludicrous.

If I had teenage daughters, I think I would allow them to do as they please, but I would be more critical if the company making such jeans was Christian or if it was a known religious statement rather than one merely of fashion.




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