Newly Ordained as a Humanist Celebrant, What Would You As Atheists Want To See?

So I went and got myself ordained with a Humanist chaplaincy website, it's kind of like similar theistic groups where you get instantly ordained.  Here in RI our ministerial laws are very lax because we made allowances for Quakers early on in the State's history.

Anyway, I want to ask what sort of liturgical forms and methods you as fellow atheists have.  It seems to me the closest thing atheists have in terms of being able to experience a non-theistic service in a Church setting is at a Unitarian church, but even they have their theistic leanings.  I'm talking about non-theism all through and through.  Kurt Vonnegut once wrote a 'Unitarian Mass' with a strong Freethinker bent, but that only goes so far.



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Congrats on being a Humanist Celebrant. 

The UU church that I attend sometimes is predominately humanist (Non-theist) -- so that's all I know that would be satisfactory for some Atheists.

Or perhaps the format of an Ethical Society.  Perhaps something more like that. 



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