like really, really hated God.  enjoy!

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To say that Twain hated god would be like saying that we hate god, a load of horse crap, as none of us acknowledge the existence of such a being.  To be far more accurate, I suspect that what Mr. Clemens hated was the IDEA of the Abrahamic god, in much the same fashion that Richard Dawkins has so famously disdained that invention of the old testament.  Twain was far too wise and self-possessed a person to waste hatred on something that didn't exist ... but the perpetuation of the idea of that in his fellows?  Yes, that deserved hate in his eyes.

And it still does now.

Mel - yes, obviously.  still great to read him tear apart the Biblical God figure.  

i didn't take it that way Mel.  Loren might have thought i meant that, but i didn't.  still a good response by Loren, as always.  

What Loren said.

Mark Twain didn't hate god. He had him figured out pretty well.

My wife claims to have met a fellow at her work (with my first name) who knows all about god and the bible, and when he talks to her about this shivers run up and down her spine. We will leave the psychology of this one alone, but I might add that when others talk about god and the bible to me these days shivers run up and down my spine too. I don't think it's the same shivers.

LoL Dennis.




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