Watching the news this morning I was informed that Newt Gingrich will put a base on the moon during his SECOND term.  I think this is the only thing he has ever said that I approved (except for the second term part).

How long before it becomes a theme park! lol 

Newt Gingrich unveils plan to build permanent base on the moon by 2...

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Luna's as good a place for Gingrich as any.  I even know the person to send him there: Ralph Kramden!

To da MOON, Newtie!!!

The idea of a base on the moon isn't a bad one. It could serve as a launching pad for missions farther into space as there is no atmosphere and launching from the moon also starts you off at a much greater forward velocity. This would make for much less costly missions per launch.

However, that being said, we are a long way from being able to utilize this short-cut. The base that would be required to support these launches would not be some small outpost, but a massive complex that would itself require tremendous support from Earth as Wanderer already explained. Too many launches to make the moon based launches cost effective.

Maybe someday, but certainly not 2020. But yes, lets send Newt there to scout out a good location.

Advancement into outer space is essential for the future of the human race (IMO).  A moon base is a great start to begin our exploration of our solar system and beyond.  But to think we would have NEWT GINGRICH to thank for that for that is disturbing.  Maybe Stephen Hawking but not Newt...

However, If he is the first one sent there in a one way rocket :) I sure would not mind that.

update, Oh boy!

Newt Gingrich Defends Space Exploration, Moon Colony During GOP Deb...

Least Suprising comment in article: "Rick Santorum quickly poo-pooed the idea of expanding resources for space flight."    I am not shocked, he is very narrow-minded apparently....  Santorum also wants to cut funding to programs.  I bet every one he would choose would be a study for science.  

Why is anyone still listening to the nonsense that guy says.  I'm just saying....

Newt's project could very easily be funded.  All we have to do is convince a great number of believers that it has been "revealed" that great quantities of petroleum are on the moon.  One party in congress would then most certainly want to support the project since, like the war in Iraq, it "would pay for itself."

I wish this were facebook so I could "like" this comment.




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