Poor Newt.  He's at the end of his rope.  He somehow wangled a third marriage in the Roman Church, all having been forgotten (or at least annulled, or taken care of through indulgences), and now becomes as much a prisoner of the midlife conversion that led to his faith swapping in the first place.  Apparently, the campaign has been run (at least in her own pretty little head) by Mrs. Newtie, one of those trophy wives who wants to be much, much more, a properly Repub blonde who chose a Greek Isles tour over hand shaking and baby kissing in the good ol' U. S. of A.  I wonder, in one of those Greek isles did anyone tell him to story of Achilles, about his heel.  Everyone has one; that was the point.  Could Mrs. Newtie be the Grinch's?  I want to be around when this egomaniac in professorial garb gets his comeuppance.  He helped as much as anyone to put us in the economic situation we are in now, and he had book deals years ago that got him into ethics investigations causing his departure as Speaker.  Sadly, the electorate has about a 15 minute attention span.

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And if that isn't enough to put a crimp in his shorts, apparently two of his heavyweight campaign advisers bailed on him today!  Bob Schieffer says that if Newtie isn't out now, he ain't long for THIS campaign!
He's having fun spending PAC money for his own use.  The guy had a $500K tab at Tiffany's.
but, he's frugal.

And I'm the Czar of all the Russias!

-- Ensign Pavel A. Chekov

old cracker throw-back to the Raegan era fart in his general direction
F ~ M I N U S
With all the baggage surrounding Newt, I can't seriously fathom why he would throw money down the toilet on a presidential run. To each their own though.
Travis, Newt doesn't plan on spending HIS money on the campaign.  When he sees how little he can bring in with his initial appearances and debates and fundraisers, he will drop out, hide and watch.
Yeah, sorry. They hardly ever spend their own money.




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