Since completing my first book about a year ago I have been searching for a outlet to get it recognized and maybe even published. It is Called "God in Chaos" and is basically a memoir type book about my observations and life in and out of a religious world. While no book can be totally concise and accurate about all things discussed, I feel that a better then average presentation of my personal interaction in and out of the religious realm would be enlightening to both the religious adherents and non-adherents as well.

First off, I have began using the term adherents for several reason. I first really came across that term from the web site when looking up information about the number of people that follow particular faiths. Then when I began writing my book I found that calling a wide group of person by the broad name such as "Christians" didn't seem to fit their self identified tag nor did it seem to fit the way I wanted to describe them. It seem more reasonable to refer to them as adherents since regardless of their faith structure they did adhere to some sort of religious belief.

With this convention I was able to use terms such a Muslim adherents or Jewish adherents and so forth and not worry about the subtle changes that the actual adherents may have for themselves.
Second, I deal with how faith and science were really in conflict with me growing up. The wonders of science and the miracles of God seemed to both exist in the same realm and didn't contradict science. To be honest they actually lead me to wonder how these things could happen naturally. That is with in the realm of science we do not yet understand. So when I learned about evolution and biological concepts dealing with long term presence of life on Earth, I had no problem accepting them along with the ideas of walking on water or the plagues of Egypt. But seemed to have reasonable support to me as a young boy.
So this is the basis from where I began my book and I go through how my conversion finally shaped my young adulthood and my strong belief in a divine interactive presence in my life. I am sure my experiences are nothing unique. One of the reason I wrote the book is to help other former believers find out that their journey is far from one made alone but it was just made one at a time.

So the first Six chapters have already been posted and you can certainly go back and read them at your pleasure. Be sure to leave any comments to. Good, bad or neutral any input is welcome. I am positive you will find some really interesting things in the book.

P.S. I realize that my grammar and spelling could be enhanced it is a burden that I have to bear. However, it does at least show that it is a original work.

Thank you,
Thomas True

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