"Ning would concentrate on the paid premium services which are providing 75 percent of its monthly traffic in the United States.  "We are going to change our strategy to devote 100 percent of our resources to building the winning product to capture this big opportunity," Rosenthal said. "We will phase out our free service."  "Existing free networks will have the opportunity to either convert to paying for premium services, or transition off of Ning," he said.


Meanwhile, the Nexus Chipin has raised $3,524.21 in the past 3.5 months!  Go Nexus!

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How much do we have to raise to stay with Ning and is it worth it?
"Worth it" in dollar terms compared to "worth it" in terms of "what can we do with it" are separate things. The latter is more cause for dissatisfaction than the former. Ning is a very limited platform more suited to Britney Spears fan clubs than sites like Nexus where people actually want to do constructive stuff. Ning can't even do something as simple as look for concurrent host logins to detect spammers and abusers. That is absolutely ridiculous and shows the immaturity of the platform. They have tried to reinvent the social networking wheel from scratch, completely ignoring 25 years of previous development work by others and it really shows.
Sorry to hear that . . . What would be a better platform?
Rusty - I don't have any idea. I'm just an interested member, although I've tried to get people more involved from time to time. The information from this posting comes from a tech site, not from Nexus or people at Nexus.
How easily would all of the information here be moved to another host?
Hah! This is where parasite consultants step in. Not always easy when the platform is closed technology. In theory it is possible - it's just a database. If you can map all the "from" and "to" fields precisely, it's just a file transfer. It's a big "if" tho'.
I would imagine it's going to be a headache for someone.
Just for the record, we have never used any of the free Ning services. We have been paying all along.
Thank you for clarifying that!
You can basically get the full meal deal for around $500 a year. This includes removing all ning branding, running your own ads, editing all the CSS you want and site pages, having a .com, unlimited number of members, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm sticking with it for my premium sites for now, other stuff is either a pain to set up , doesnt support social networking stuff, or doesnt let you brand it. $200 - $500 a year for a social network in a box you can completely brand is incredibly cheap, when you consider these things cost a LOT of money to build from scratch.
You forget the bandwidth charges. I would be surprised if Nexus was less than a terabyte a month. Even at dirt cheap $0.20 a gig, that's still $200. Just a ball park guess-timate. Correct me if anyone knows better.

Everyone assumes this is all cheap and easy - until they actually try to do it themselves. Then the whining begins. The folks that run Nexus don't whine, and they sit here patiently and listen to experts like you trivialise their work. How about you do something more constructive and throw a few bills in the pot?
Thanks for all the concern everyone. I assure you we are taking precautions. We have been working with a team of programmers for quite some time. Also, quite a bit of what we all experience here is not limited to Ning. Our goal is, and has always been, to seamlessly tie our own pages together with the Ning backbone.

It should again be noted that this social network is a small part of what Nexus has in the works. While it will always be our our backbone, we are building an infrastructure that will be much more. This is where my primary focus has been. We are not just a social networking site, but an international community that has a social networking site.




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