I get a lot of theophiles telling me that hitler and atheism are practically synonymous, but in reality, Hitler hated jews above all. That was his core Raison d'etre. Who else did? Well, Martin Luther, founder of protestantism obviously, Nixon, and clearly Mel Gibson does.

It seems evangelicals have more in common with hitler on this topic than any atheist, and it bears repeating whenever the modern evangelicals try to trumpet their "moral superiority" over atheists. There have been a lot of atheist jerks in the past too, but atheists arent sitting there claiming god-given moral authority.

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I thought Nixon's Secretary of State was a Jew, maybe not.
"I have had the same issue with the Hitler position. From quotes (not just 1 or 2) in Mein Kampf, it seems to be quite obvious that Hitler did believe in god, and even made reference to "the Almighty Creator beings such as He Himself created?", which sounds like creationist views."

Actually, Hitler's beliefs are not at all obvious,they seem to have depended on the needs of the moment.That's probably why the topic remains controversial.

Hitler was also apparently excommunicated,with all Nazis in 1930.

"---the conference of German bishops excommunicated all Nazis in 1930, and in the 1932 elections forbade Catholics to vote for a Nazi. By being the leader of the Nazi party, Hitler had already put himself outside of the Church."



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