NJ bank won’t notarize American Atheist documents for ‘personal reasons’

Read the sham excuse the bank gives for one of their assistant managers discriminating against Amanda Knief Managing Director of American Atheist and David Silverman president of American Atheist.


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Plainly the law should be changed. I cannot buy the idea that the notary simply "did not know how to proceed" and therefore had to get another person. This is a copout.

What I'm seeing here is more like someone not wanting to proceed after finding out you are atheist. I'm sorry. A bank is not a religious institution. In fact, the banks are backed by the government while churches are not. (At least they are not supposed to be.) If you cannot do your job for "religious reasons" then it's time that you found another job. Employees should be made aware of this. The first time with a warning and the second time with termination.

Agreed.  The notary very likely saw that she was dealing with atheists and took that as her cue to be an ass, resisting atheism for the sake of her beliefs.  She needs to learn that her belief system is not something she gets to superimpose on others through the vehicle of her job position, any more than being the president of Hobby Lobby gives that person the right to tell his employees that they can't use contraception.

I've probably said this a dozen times on A|N, but what the heck: a person's right to wave their beliefs about ends at my nose!

Apparently, not knowing how to do your fucking job as an assistant manager is a personal issue.




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