so I wanna go on a tirade about smoking cigarettes ( and the alternatives for for Pot)

I live on Oahu.

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If you’re complaining about us smokers throwing our butts on the grounds then as a smoker I would like to.....


Come on fellow smokers… Butts belong in a trash can.  If you have to you can drop a cherry and stomp it out and put the butt in your pocket until you can put it in a proper receptacle.  It’s no different than throwing a candy wrapper on the ground and possibly a lot worst.  Let’s keep our world aesthetically pleasing.


I'm not a smoker, but one of my friends is. She has a little pouch which is more or less a portable ashtray. She makes sure the butt is totally out, then tosses it in the pouch. They're readily available here in Japan. I don't remember such things back in the states, but that might just be because I don't smoke. Are such things around? I'd think it'd be useful and less embarrassing for smokers, who otherwise might look around before flicking the butt away.
Never seen anything like that.  Smokers around here still feel entitled and are chafing against the relatively-new public smoking bans.
I can't say I'm surprised. There's a lot of smokers here, though, and there are even smoking lounges in the malls. I think, then, perhaps it has to do with Japan's garbage culture. There are less dust bins about in public, and a lot of buildings expect you to take your trash home and dispose of it there. So people tend to not eat and drink and walk... it's actually seen as rude, in some areas.. But that mentality of being personally responsible of taking your trash with you very possibly carried over to the addition of portable ashtrays.
I've seen them here in the States, it's just not the kind of thing anyone bothers with.

Most of the time you're lucky to get people to toss them in when there's an ashtray just right there as it is. Of course, if they're not emptied they eventually reach this critical mass and catch on fire (at least the ones near my work do).

*blink*  The ashtrays actually catch fire?  Haven't seen that one before, myself.


Of course we no longer have ashtrays in any public places, except outside of office buildings and similar places.  There are enough militant anti-smokers (such as me) to keep everyone honest.

Mmhm! You know the ones with the skinny top and just the hole on either side and then it drops down a couple feet to the larger part? Those.

If you don't empty them (and have a lot of smokers) eventually it'll reach critical mass and start to smoulder which eventually leads to a fire. We've had them melt down from that. It's hilarious.

Ah, the traffic cone ones, yeah. That's what I've mostly seen, outside of offices and similar places.

Actually, I think most of the idiots around here toss them into the cones while still burning, so they always burn down sufficiently that they'll never hit critical mass.


Also, it's a lot more humid, over on this side of the Appalachians.  I grew up in the Chicago area, so I'm well aware of the difference.  Even when it's up around 100, I don't think it's dry enough to get spontaneous combustion.

Oh we live in the river valley here, so humidity is a way of life. Since the ones we have are completely closed with the exception of the little 1 1/2" holes at the top, it's not really an issue.
Hmm, still a lot less humid than North Carolina.  The eastern half of the state is a swamp, until you get within 10 miles of the coast.  For that matter, even most of the coast is swampland.
Good job, you broke the thread! Guess that answers how far down the comments will nest.
Heh, that happens all the time.  I've gone about 20 messages past hitting maximum nesting depth, in some discussions.




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