No, Everyone Knows You Are A Dangerous Lunatic: A Person Without God is Immoral, Sinful, Wicked, and Naughty

I saw this meme on a FaceBook page and responded by saying the phenomenon described makes it  exasperating to say the least. We are pariahs. The Godless have no friends other than fellow atheists and freethinkers. It is easy for believers to say that we are guilty of the "sin" of intellectual pride. (I use quotation marks because "sin" is the church guys' preferred tool of keeping the shorn sheep in line, guilt being the primary driver in any of these silly beliefs.) And what is so wrong with taking pride in one's intellectualism. If I strike a match, I know that it is a chemical reaction of phosphorus, &c., but the believer will tell you that God created the inventor and that if He did not want the match to light, it would not. You cannot argue with dogma, but they've just described our aleatory existence: not God, chance. But if you told a believer the earth exists because of chance, they will tell you you're wrong, unless you mean God and chance are the same.

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"Thanks, but my heart pumps blood.  My BRAIN thinks ... and it thinks your logic lacks something ... like LOGIC."

Not to forget, booklover, that there are studies showing that the more familiar you are with the bible, the less likely you are to think it good. Actually, atheists as a rule know more about the gospels than the average Christian.

I doubt the belief v. fact argument makes an impression on them. They couldn't care less. Next time, tell her that the person who made it appear that Jesus said something disparaging of gays was a rabidly homophobic, misogynistic lout, Saul, who changed his name to Paul after coming to the realization -- on the road to Damascus -- that he could make a lot more money preaching than thieving and killing. Paul and Constantine are the villains in the story.

So nice to know that William Tyndale died for making the bible available so the common man could read what it actually said and people still don't bother to read the bloody thing.  

Could you imagine telling anyone, "Oh, yes!  I base my life, my choices, and my stance on political issues on the teachings of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  No, I've never actually read it, but..."  People would look at you as if you were bonkers.

I thought Jebus said "one man and several women." Maybe he said "as many as you can legally suppport." There are ways around that to explain things today. That was in the Old Pesterment.

xtians have a special way of ´knowing´, I remember from my fundy past. My parents ´knew´ the bible; remembered what it said and on what page, but they never allowed themselves or their children to think about it. It's a kind of double think, like George Orwell described in 1984.

@Michael, depends on which translation you pick. I like Robert Anton Wilson's wry comment that the bible was written in koine, and that form of Greek had run on sentences because the written language was not punctuated. In this way, he wrote, GOD IS NOW HERE could easily be GOD IS NOWHERE.




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