so my state's lawmakers have nothing better to do than this?  i'd ask why this should be important to them, but we all know the answer.  their obsession with the big guy in the sky guides everything they do. 

i'm so angry at the thought of this.  and since the state is currently a Republican majority legislature, this fucking thing may even pass.  i guess i'll just have to wait for the lawsuit. 

in the meantime, i'll be making some calls to my local rep, as well as the author's office. 

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Matthew, I am so happy to have you as a friend and trusted thinker! 

you too Joan, feeling the love :) 

This seems to be a trend there in the States.. Just an observation.

this?  i haven't seen this anywhere else, and i follow these things quite closely.  do you have any examples?  i'd be interested in seeing them.  thanks in advance.

I only meant that the politics there really involves religion and that is strange. I don't need to give examples, you know them already.

oh, ok.  i agree.  just to be clear, as far as i know my state, PA, is the only one considering the addition of "in God we trust" in all public schools.  

The problem here is that nobody understands just when and why "in god we trust" was put on our money. They all think it has to do with religious freedom, our constitution, and why we are here anyway. Those in politics want them to believe this nonsense to further their own agenda.

                                                         HOW DID IT ALL START?

Constantine had no separation of church and state. It was in the merging of the two that he saw he would be able to "conquer." Our government is doing this to all of us right now.



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