No Hope For America, While It's Judges (i.e. Antonin Scalia) Are Among The Dumbest People On Earth!

Time and time again, from around the world, we witness American judges making grandiose, ridiculous statements that demonstrate clearly that the United States of America, has such a poor education system, even for training its lawmakers.

Many U.S. lawmakers have absolutely no training in Critical Thinking, nor a rational brain cell to call their own.

There are numerous cases of Judges and lawmakers demonstrating clearly a lack of rational thought processes and police performing stupidly insane acts of bigotry, racism and irrational activities.

Such as a recent case where Texas police raided a pool party, because a neighbour was worried about the party having too many coloured youth.  As if a young person is limited in how many coloured people they can invite to a function in white affluent suburbs.  Such extreme racism is intolerable and makes the United States appear as loonsville.

Though recent comments by Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, stating that there is possibly more evidence for Creationism than for Evolution, tops the charts on Supreme, Irrational Stupidity, coming from a member of the U.S. Judicial system.

This is the kind of statement we would expect from somebody who hasn't yet passed year 8 at a decent secondary school, or has been home-schooled for their entire lives with creationist parents.  Certainly not representative of a person who has attended a tertiary institution, unless that institution is Liberty University, which shouldn't be allowed to train law makers, because they don't teach Rational Critical Thinking there, instead they teach irrational bigotry (religion).  

The only individuals that are capable of rational thinking who will make such comments are those who are making money from Creationism or Irrational Teachings, such as Ken Ham, and the many ex-scientists who write texts supporting Creationism and the like.

So either Antonin is too brain dead to be a Supreme Court Justice, or he is being paid to support Creationism, which too should be illegal and have him removed from his position that is supposed to be unbiased when it comes to world-views.

Loren has mentioned partisanship, or bias due to support from a faction, which is also another form of bias, which should also be removed from all judicial positions, a nation should not have Judges biased for any reason, even for support, thus, again, such bias should see him removed from his position.

Rational judges all reject Creationism,  (see the Dover vs Kitzmiller trial) as it has no evidence supporting it, which is opposite to Antonin's brain dead comment.

Really U.S.A.?  You should LIFT YOUR GAME!

With a proliferation of Naive Irrational Loons in your Judicial System, do you really think there is reason for other apparently more rational nations to even show you a little respect.

Certainly Not!

You need to educate your legal minds with a good dose of Rational Critical Thinking (RCT).

Then, screen them on their applications to judicial positions for their RCT abilities and those with Irrational concepts should be disallowed from working as judges and lawyers.

Then you would be less likely to have lunatics like Antonin Scalia and many others like him, embarrassing your nation.

People who make influential decisions that can change society, like lawmakers, that cannot think rationally and critically are dangerous to those societies and like Antonin, can be an embarrassment to their nation.

Get My Drift?!?!

I'll let Dr. Richard Paul have the last say on Critical Thinking.

:-D~ Moi

{[:-[|}= Muhammad

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Dog, there was one word missing from your rant, a sadly very important word:


Therein lies the remainder of the problem.  As much as religion is a problem, so is the matter of political absolutism, and Scalia, among others, is as guilty of political partisanship as he is the religious variety.  Scalia's bread and butter come signed, sealed and delivered by the GOP, and his jingoistic devotion to them is, for all appearances, as absolute and adamantine as his parallel dedication to Vatican City.  This isn't about logic or critical thinking or anything having to do with the practical considerations of the law ... but of whose side someone is on and where their allegiances lie.

Scalia is an acolyte of both the political and religious right.  They are his Alpha and Omega; all other considerations aren't just secondary but non-sequitur to him ... which is why he needs to be impeached.

I couldn't find much on his partisanship, but either way, it is a corruption of his thinking which as I did state, bias of his comments by such influences, should see him sacked, as his position is meant by nature to be totally unbiased, and money appears to be his motivation, just as Ken Ham's motive is profit.  A biased judge is a dangerous judge, and shouldn't be a Judge. 

Partisanship is just another word for biased, by money, which I did mention.

They should have such monitoring of judicial members, he should be removed from practice.

Aye M8!

You can accuse me of being prejudiced, but insofar as I'm concerned, his partisanship is a fact, a fait accompli ... and the disservice that does to these United States is a crime worthy of prosecution.

We need to get rid of Clarence Thomas, too.  I remember the uproar during the hearings when he was nominated, and was totally flabbergasted when he was accepted. He seems to be Scablia's "Little Sir Echo," and is the total opposite of his predecessor, Thurgood Marshall.

They both should go quail hunting with Dick Cheney.  *BLAM!*

I agree, Felaine, even with the Scalia and Thomas hunting with Cheney!

Try these to get a whiff...

That was just the first page of a search. I suppose I could have found more if I'd have looked.

SCOTUS justices have usually been tight lipped regarding their politics. Apparently, that's no longer true.

Thanks Greg,  Scalia certainly destroyed any claim of his impartiality.

BRAVO! Well stated!

Well put Loren.

I altered the videos, the vid was close to the point I was making, but, it was a little boring and too reliant on their textbook.  It did give a more precise view of Critical Thinking,  So I opted for a less boring, but reasonable cartoon about the importance of CT.

Yes, lack of CT does have severe implications for society, George Bush's term in US and numerous other examples throughout history, such as emperors and kings getting their decisions from psychics, astrology and religious leaders were too numerous to mention and often disastrous for not only their own nations but for those they were involved or had conflict with.

Here's a brilliant young lad with high functioning autism.

He demonstrated Critical Thinking in trying to disprove himself.

Which is one of the basic tenets of CT and Science.

D. Dog, you wrote: 

"Time and time again, from around the world, we witness American judges making grandiose, ridiculous statements that demonstrate clearly that the United States of America, has such a poor education system, even for training its lawmakers."

I agree, it is true that US education system fails in training people to think critically. As a teacher in the public education system, retired, I share your concern and taught critical thinking in my Life Skills classes. I also agree that USA "judges make grandiose, ridiculous statements". I did a survey of judges in Spokane about how judges felt about wife rape and a vast majority of them said there was no such thing as wife rape. Wives belong to husbands. 

Rape is defined as 

"sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim."

Wives have the right to not consent to sexual intercourse. At least that is my opinion. The vast majority of Spokane judges held a different opinion. In those days, there were no laws against sexual intercourse without consent if the partner was a legal spouse. It took a trial in Oregon, the Ridout case, to bring the subject to public attention. 

Law: Wife Rape. Monday, Oct. 08, 1979.

I asked my uncle, a superior court judge, why the police, courts and laws did not protect me and my children from physical abuse. He told me the problem with the USA is:

"lesbians and niggers got the vote!"

Clearly, uncle John held bias beliefs against women and Blacks. 

With these little snippets from my history, I share your belief that 

"judges making grandiose, ridiculous statements" 

I do not hold education as the sole cause of the stupid, ridiculous, callous, irresponsible, foolish beliefs held by judges or by the education system. I hold that the beliefs that USA is a Christian nation and its laws exist as part of the Common Law system create the underlying values that impact the education system and the legal system. I do not agree with your statement:  

"demonstrate clearly that the United States of America, has such a poor education system, even for training its lawmakers."

Critical thinking is an essential factor in developing a case for or against an allegation. I learned my critical thinking skills at Gonzaga University, a Roman Catholic university in Spokane. Not only the lawyers come out of that training with a notion of god and dominion, and obedience, and service, but the priests also learn critical thinking and continue to hold those beliefs. 

Go figure!




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