What this means is that the theist filling out a profile should stop and discard what they've started.  Atheist Nexus is a site exclusively for non-theists.  What that means is that theists should not join.

As is written on the homepage of Atheist Nexus: " The World's Largest Social Networking Site Exclusively For Nontheists!"

There are plenty of other sites to engage non-theists.  Atheist Nexus is not one of them.

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Well, I've been exposed to some I would consider trolls, but mostly I've gotten into much more intelligent conversations here.
Well, I've been exposed to some I would consider trolls, but mostly I've gotten into much more intelligent conversations here.

I'd second that. I've got a couple that border on my own personal trolls and I wonder if one is a closet Theist or having trouble letting go, but I haven't been outright spammed or hit with the Jesus grenade.

Atheist Nexus remains the most civil, thoughtful, constructive online forum I've yet to participate in.

((((( Hugs to A/N members )))))
Yes, indeed.
Exactly my thoughts on the matter. This site is a haven from their idiocy
Maybe we should all put the number of the beast on our forehead or hand...then tell them that is a requirement. I bet that would cut down on them joining our site.
A great Idea - however, I would add many more exclusions on that list - it could become problematic. So how about "I am a Non-Theist who refuses to subordinate my intelligence to any "holy texts", "cults", fairy tales or so-called Prophets."
Would that cover it?
I thought you were joking - I was too - partially!
Not inclusive enough. Then we'd have people joining who are followers of the man responsible for the first act of biological terrorism in the US, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (AKA Osho), and I'd have to quit the site.
I'm a dedicated follower / worshipper of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone - but I know that they are fictional characters ... Jennifer Saunders - well, I just have a huge crush on her.
What would be sacraments in the First Church of AbFab? Whiskey and cigarettes? I can't remember what is Patsy's tipple of choice.

I"m thinking maybe the first acts of biological terrorism were actually blankets with smallpox purposely being distributed to the indigenous in some parts of what is now the US. Irritation made me a wee bit forgetful. I've been on a roll about the Bagman because he's risen from the dead in the form of a publishing empire. It irritates me that this woo woo merchant is making new converts.
I just blew some cheap scotch through my nose!
What a waste. As much as I like whisky, I'm not offering to lick it up.

Anyhow, what part of my post brought that on?



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