What this means is that the theist filling out a profile should stop and discard what they've started.  Atheist Nexus is a site exclusively for non-theists.  What that means is that theists should not join.

As is written on the homepage of Atheist Nexus: " The World's Largest Social Networking Site Exclusively For Nontheists!"

There are plenty of other sites to engage non-theists.  Atheist Nexus is not one of them.

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I vote for "GET THE HELL OUT NOW!!!" too! LOL!
They're on a journey to convert. This would be a gold mine for the Theists to try and engage a conversation with an agenda to spew the doctrines. If I had a dime for all the attepts, and I'm talking about co-workers!!

I've been on FaceBook with friends and friends of friends conversing on the subject of religion...I'm usually the only Non-Theist. I get the most idiotic responses...they generally do themselves a disservice and wouldn't fare well in this environment.
yes, but have you noticed that some of the "bill payers" are religiously based? I love the irony!
One of my Fundy relatives, who should know better, posted something generic to their Facebook profile about coming to church with them. The believers on their list all gave them pats on the back, but the non-believers just seem to have ignored them. I was tempted to say that they were welcome to join the party in my handbasket.
I actually really don't mind Theists lurking about here or participating on other inclusive sites. It's how we learn. Same reason I've got the Catholic Encyclopedia bookmarked or will sometimes post to my FB page to ask my Theist friends something.

"If we read only that with which we agree, we learn nothing." Not sure where that's from, but words of wisdom.

Now, when they troll here looking to convert us ... that's a whole other story.
I don't mind theists reading the site, but not joining, as the site was set up to be exclusively for non-theists. I put in a lot of volunteer time here precisely because I need a safe haven, where I can let my hair down and just say what I think without WWIII breaking out.
I'm on other sites where theists can join and debate. Sometimes it is OK but usually there is so much animosity from both sides, and not as many intelligent conversations b/c they get interrupted by theists saying things like "I'm amazed at how much time atheists spend trying to prove something doesn't exist", or posting giant diatribes about evolution being a religion, or just plain stupid ad-hominems. (And I'm not saying the insult wars don't go both ways).
Precisely. There are other sites where theists can join, to debate, etc... If theists want to join an atheist site, they should join one of those.
Exactly. In fact, I prefer true pluralists to those who are intransigent in any philosophy - even an atheistic one. For example, Carl Sagan expressed an acceptance of a sort of pantheistic view of the universe (though I wouldn't say it was quite what Spinoza talked about.) Meanwhile, Stalin would have fully qualified as a non-believer. However, when I fantasize about meeting Sagan - it involves a joint and an intriguing discussion of the nature of the cosmos. When I fantasize about meeting Stalin, it involves a glock and a nice little hole in his forehead.
You can convert people online! That's how I got my start. ;)
This subject needed a post to explain it?

Oh yeah, people eager to make that drive-by posting and not reading the "Atheists Only" site rules.
I can semi agree with you about the learning aspect. I extensively looked into other faiths and their ideas, not for converting, but because I just like to continue learning about the past and culture, and I am in the camp that before you can trully judge anything, you have to at least have a base understanding.

Open minds should be welcomed at all times regardless of faith, but closed minds need not apply. Unfortunately, an aptitude test would be counter productive to membership, but I must admit it is nice to have a site where we are "troll free".....come out billy goats gruff, the coast is clear




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