What this means is that the theist filling out a profile should stop and discard what they've started.  Atheist Nexus is a site exclusively for non-theists.  What that means is that theists should not join.

As is written on the homepage of Atheist Nexus: " The World's Largest Social Networking Site Exclusively For Nontheists!"

There are plenty of other sites to engage non-theists.  Atheist Nexus is not one of them.

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The wonderful irony of whiskey and cigarettes being sacraments.

I used to live in the Northwest and a friend of mine who is Native American told me that tobacco was revenge for alcohol.
I'm pastafarian. does that count ? ;)
I think a "I deny Mohammed/Jesus" thing would be both effective and not necessary to make specific to every possible faith.

As it's been said, it covers the two big ones. How many devotes of Osho jump on here and try to convert us?

Perhaps a few checkboxes:

- I am a non-theist.

- I deny Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

- I deny Mohammed.

- I deny God/gods/deities of any name, shape or size.

- Just to reiterate: I am a non-theist.

There, that cover it?
Just "I deny unsubstantiated gibberish". That means you too homeopaths and truthers.
There would be too many gray areas for anyone to agree on.
And denying the existence of the holy ghost is the one unforgivable sin in the Christian religion so that would be effective. They couldn't just go back and ask forgiveness for it later.
The atheist option should say "I am nontheist, and I deny the Holy Spirit and that Mohammed was Allah's prophet."

"And if I'm lying, it is a sin in which I shall be tortured in hell for all eternity."
And if I'm lying, it is a sin in which I shall be tortured in hell for all eternity."

This is the one that best shows the cognitive dissonance of believers who try to join the site, unless there's some fine print in the bibble that allows them to lie to non-believers.
The bible has plenty of fine print, but I'm pretty sure that the one unforgivable sin is to deny the holy spirit, and there is no way out of that. That's true even if you have your fingers crossed behind your back.

This site is for nontheists, it's stated explicitly, and if a theist just doesn't get it, that's their problem. Everyone who joins Nexus has to have done so with the knowledge that this site is by and for nontheists.
Concisely well put, Daniel.
As an atheist, I need this site. I'm damned all day long. I have to travel five miles to the gym. I counted over 20 churches. I'm a member of RDF. I was reading a post yesterday. Someone butted in "God still loves you". Man, I don't need that. I'm just a regular Joe the atheist. Theist, leave me the fuck alone. I don't want to see you, I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to be blessed when I sneeze. I don't want to see your fucking cross tattoo. I hate that fucking cross around your neck. I'd love to take it off and shove it up your fucking ass.

So how's your day been?
All I can say is that I don't think I've ever taken such joy in chopping off dandelion heads.




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