I am in a subacute care facility because I have a degenerative neuromuscular disorder and have a tracheostomy. So I'm pretty much a prisoner of my own body, so to speak. Anyway, I'm sitting here minding my own business, communicating with friends via the computer and some old bitch walks in and without so much as a by your leave thrusts some Jesus crap in front of my face. I look up at her and she's got the smile like I am your grandmother aren't I wonderful. I'm going to save you. It's not like she said, excuse me, would you like this or any somesuch courtesy. So when I opened it and saw the usual claptrap. I handed it back to her and I said no thank you. She opened her mouth to give me a ration of shit and I said I don't believe, thank you very much, have a nice day. She took back her pamphlet, gave me a dirty look, said some crap about the Lord, and almost stomped out of the room.

Unbelievable. I guess the way they think, is no matter what you think, only what they think is important. I have been tempted to post a large sign on the bulletin board next to my bed. That says "before you speak to me. Read Epicurus"

anyway, to everyone out there. I hope you enjoyed your families today and that everyone be healthy, happy and prosperous.

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I hope you don't get too much more of such hassle!

And thank you, I had a quiet, enjoyable day.

Wonderful email from a friend to friends and family: "Merry Christmas" "and to all of us non-adherents (somewhat believing or not at all), a day of peace and grace."

In a way that action was a kind of assault.  It doesn't matter if she looks like your grandmother.  Her proselytizing was not requested, not invited, and not welcome.  

I always think of the best thing to say or do, after the incident.  Often days after the incident.  Sometimes, months or years.  I want to ask for her name and address, then tell her she's rude, and her action is a form of emotional violence, and next time she does this I'll call the police and get a restraining order.  If course, I get to say that because I have the luxury of reading this and not because it happened to me.  :-)

I agree that it's assault (&/or harassment).  I hope I can remember to say that the next time I'm harassed.  Like you, it usually takes me hours to years to think of a good response.

If they want to play the tract card, you can always fight fire with fire.  I put the attached flyer together a bit ago, and it seemed to get a pretty decent reception around here.  You're welcome to give it a try.  Only thing I ask is that if you modify it, attach a copy here so I can see your changes.  Doubtless, it can be improved on, and if you have ideas about that, I very much want to see them.


LOVE the flyer, Loren! Thank you for creating that and for sharing with others. I will indeed print it out and use it at every opportunity when the nutballs cease to stop pressuring me. Your flyer will make it easier for me to respond to the little old 'grandmother' types that churches use to market their business (aka church). on the church's pyramid scheme, the CEO's (aka minister, pastor, priest etc) know to use the friendly, non-threatening people to do their missionary marketing... knowing a lot of folks were raised to be nice to elders. Again, thank you.

Entirely my pleasure.  I'd appreciate ANY observations you have about the flyer, as well as any reactions you get from other atheists or theists.  I don't pretend that it's anything near perfect, and I'm a big believer in feedback, both positive and negative.

If you got any at all, I invite it.

Loren, I can't view your flyer because it appears to be a windows document.  My iMac says my Microsoft office 2004 test drive has expired and wants me to pay way too much to get a permanent copy.  Any suggestions?

I don't know if OpenOffice has a version for the Mac, but my suspicion is that they might.  Give that a try.

If not, what I can do is create a couple JPEGs of either side of the document, if you like.  Just let me know.

Thanks Loren.  I downloaded OpenOffice and now I can view your flyer.

Yep. Pretty cool Loren. succinct and to t point. I wish I had a printer. I'd do up a few.

Loren, you fucking genius.  The problem I have with my rational thinking is that I many times lose the forest because of the many trees.  Love your out-of-the-box thinking.  Cannot wait to start leaving these in the bathrooms of my many travels.  

PS. I still want to see the self-defense selfie or video in the near future.

I just do what I can, bro.  If it helps, terrific.




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