As of 2:00 p.m., Eastern Time zone in the US, today (2/28/13), the world will be temporarily bereft of anyone who is infallible. Catholics claim the Pope is infallible, at least in matters of faith and morals. This is the only such claim, to my knowledge, of any religion on the planet. While Muslims may claim Mohammed was perfect, even they acknowledge he's dead. And, I have no doubt most Christian sects make the same claim for Jesus. And, as we all know, he's currently nowhere to be found. Nope. It's only the Catholics that claim perfection for a single living individual.

So, as of 2:00 p.m. today, the world will be without a perfect person until such time as the white smoke appears from the Vatican. One has to wonder if the new Mr. Perfect will be anything like the last Mr. Perfect - a criminal conspirator who covered up child molestation. 

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Business will continue as usual no matter who is at the helm of this ridiculous cult.  Does anybody really expect this organization to change under new management?  Meaningful change would require them to abandon their core dogma and to disavow every (f*cked up) principle they stand for. 

Flying, as you correctly point, it will be business as usual. They'll pick another conservative theosophist, whether it is from Europe, North American, South America, or Africa. The world will "Ewww and Ahhh" over the new selection (especially if he is a non-European), and pederasty, money laundering, and ignorant repression will continue as usual. People will needlessly die of AIDS in Africa and South America, more children will get raped and the rapists will get off scot free, and they'll all sit around Castle Gandolfo with the last "Perfect Man," count their gold, and live in the luxury made off the most destitute of the planet.

Great gig if you can get it!




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