stunningly, Eric Cantor, the last jewish congressional Republican was defeated in his primary tonight.  if the man was any further right he'd have fallen off his flat earth.  yet b/c he's said some humane things about children of illegal immigrants he's been banished.  perhaps it's more than that.  his party is made up of conservative christians.  he is not one.  his people, the Jews. vote overwhelmingly Democratic and support abortion in strangely high numbers (i've seen it over 90% in polls by jewish groups!).  in today's increasingly tribal politics should it be surprising that the entirety of their national elected body is nothing but Christians (after today's election that is)?  

the GOP is one step closer to becoming the Grand Theocratic Party (GTP).  

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Oh, it's still the GOP - God's Own Party - but it wasn't always that, and therein lies the real shame of the matter.

The marriage of GOP and right wing nutjobs is disturbing to me. I would much rather see 3 parties in America and none of them catering in the least to any religion.

I don't think it's one step closer to being the GTP. It's already there, and has been for quite some time. A Mormon, Mitt Romney, had to pay homage and kiss ass to the memory of degenerate Jerry Falwell, by speaking at Liberty Univ. to garner votes among the batshit evangelicals in 2012. And, we all know what batshit evangelicals think of Mormons.

You'll note that Brat, who defeated Cantor, was a graduate of Hope College, a private conservative Christian school, who then went on to get a Master's in theology from Princeton.  Apparently, all those christian credentials make him more kosher to the Tea Party than Cantor was.

yeah, Brat is very very Christian.  i'm still shocked that there are will be ZERO non christians among Congressional Republicans.  i saw lots of articles about this today.  we are supposed to be a representative democracy - where's the GOP's representation of America?  i guess when they say this is a Christian nation they mean it.  




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