The Boy Scouts of America have for years refused to allow gays and lesbians to serve in the organization. Recently, a lesbian who was serving as the den mother for a group of Tiger Scouts in Ohio was outed after she raised questions about the group’s finances. In response to her questioning and the decision of someone to out her the Boy Scouts of America terminated her involvement with the organization. When she was replaced several parents of kids in her section of Tiger Scouts protested outside the Boy Scouts of America office and demanded she be reinstated. So far, the organization is refusing to change its discriminatory stance.


While I have been aware that the Boy Scouts of America discriminates against gays and lesbians for years I had no idea that it also openly excludes atheists. Groups that foment hatred and discrimination—especially groups that “serve” children should lose their tax-exempt status.


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And that's why I buy Girl Scout cookies because they are open-minded.

This and other such incidents betrays the religious attitude at the foundation of the Boy Scouts.  They can't imagine morality without religion, and consider it to be a mandatory component of any mature person.  Their religious orientation extends to the fallacy of Leviticus 18:22, which they may not cite in boldface, but which is doubtless the basis for their bigotry.

My sense is that the BSA would have to be restructured at its core to deal with this problem ... and I cannot help but note that it is not a problem shared by its mirror organization, the Girl Scouts of America.  Rather a curious thing, that.

Actually, unless it's different depending on the region, we get .55 for every box (I'm a scout leader). If we turn our money in on time, etc. we can get a .05/box bonus, but it's not automatic. Donations are much appreciated!! Though I don't mind that the money supports the Girl Scout organization since they are inclusive of everybody - even at the start, 100 years ago, they were racially integrated and have always had a nondiscrimination policy.

I just recently learned about the Girl Scout inclusiveness and decided to buy some of their cookies to support them when they start selling them here.  But it sounds like a donation would be better.  I'm too fat anyway :)

I haven't contributed to the Boy Scouts for quite a few years and don't intend to.

I don't give any money to the Boy Scouts of America. I don't like their policies either.

First time I went out with a bunch of guys and no girls, (since I was a kid and it was normal to shun girls) was with our rifles.  Teaching us to hunt was some sort of manly ritual that they insisted on.  So...phallic.  I got out because I basically said I wasn't comfortable with these long penis sticks.  Just the costumes and the rituals and the military style of it all creeps me out to no end.

As an adult I've been troubled and disappointed with the Boy Scouts' discriminating policies for years.  I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout throughout my childhood and I have many fond memories of participating in fun and adventurous activities.  I'm also gay.  At that time I knew I was "different" than the other kids, even if I didn't quite understand the concept.  What I did know was that I was just being myself.  The Boy Scouts are similar to the military in that gays and atheists currently are members and always have been members; they just aren't talked about unless some rogue person decides to go on a witch hunt.  It's my opinion that on the local level, most scout troops generally have a "live and let live" attitude toward gays and atheists.  However, if someone decides there is a "problem," they have the policies of the national office to back them up, and that's a shame.  I remember every summer attending Boy Scout camp in Michigan and the same, flamboyant and obviously gay adult camp councilor was there every year.  Apparently no one seemed to have a problem enough to want him ousted. 

Although I had much fun in the Boy Scouts, I never did excel very far; getting only six Merit Badges.  But the two Merit Badges I was most proud of were Cooking and First Aid.  Boy Scouts taught me how to feed and care for a man!  I'd like to donate to and support the Boy Scouts, but not until changes are made at the national level. 

Yes, the Girl Scouts are the polar opposite of the Boy Scouts when it comes to acceptance; always have been.  In fact, remember just a few weeks ago some right-wing nutcase politician was making the wild claim that the Girl Scouts were promoting lesbianism!!  LOL   I can't remember who it was or what office they held.  Anyway, I've always enjoyed the cookies.  My two sisters were Girl Scouts and I remember one year in the 1970's when our house was the pickup location for cookie distribution for their troop.  Do you know what it's like to be an eight year-old boy and having CASES of delicious cookies in your house stacked higher than your head?  It's quite unbearable.  Sorry to go off on a tangent, but I just had to share.  :)

Hey Jonathan that was so very sweet of you to donate that money to that girl selling cookies.




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