OK all you clit lick'n gals and butt prong'n guys, have your fun while you can 'cuz YER GO'N TO HELL!!!! (Or at least on Vatican cardinal seems to think so.)

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I agree with the commenter to the article who calls the article "unremarkable." We all know about Leviticus 20:13, and I've heard anecdotally that Saul/Paul had a mad-on for homosexuals. It also doesn't surprise me that the church wants to insist that people choose to be gay rather than recognizing what a great portion of the rest of us now do: that sexual orientation is set during pregnancy. No, none of this is surprising at all. What it is is tragic. Do you suppose they have considered how many of their own priests are supposedly headed in a downward direction because of their own homophilic tendencies, or if they even care?

Dogma, dogma, über alles....
Its indeed tragic but also very pathetic that the Catholic church can't find its way around this issue. After all, if the Pope can declare that evolution is valid then he can get over this sexual orientation thing. It probably won't happen in my lifetime.
It is interesting that Leviticus 20:13 doesn't prohibit lesbianism.

It is interesting that the whole Bible doesn't seem very interested in female libido. Did you only notice there's no such commandment as --

Thou shall not covet your neighbor's husband?
OF COURSE the bible doesn't proscribe Lesbianism!!! You ever watch any straight porn? I'd guess and say that at least 40-50% of supposedly straight porn has some woman-on-woman action in it ... 'cuz the GUYS LOVE IT!

But man-on-man?!? Not in your scariest nightmares! [wry chuckle] Equality ... ain't it wunnerful?
Ya know - is there any sex in heaven? Suggest THAT and they will all faint. So, what should it matter, anyway. If it wasn't so wrong and hurtful, it would just be ludicrous.
Ya know - is there any sex in heaven?

Sure there is!
To quote mr. Deity, heaven will experience a fall in fashion!!!




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