The below is concerning a fairytale but ya know....meh.

If Jesus was supposidly the King of the Jews how come now he is Christian and Catholic and all that. I mean what happened to change it? Every time I ask a religious zealot...I mean person...they can't explain and then get mad. 

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Ummm ... could it be something like dual citizenship?!? [chuckle!]

If he was indeed a real person, Jesus would have lived and died as a Jew. The movement that he started--those that believed he was the son of Yahweh and not just another anti-establishment rebel--eventually came to be known as Christianity. The word "Catholic" is derived from a Greek word meaning "universal", so early evangelists probably used this word to describe the "universal" religion that would be better than all the other fractious religious groups in existence. I'm not really sure if this word (or really its Latin and Greek equivalent) was used much in the early days of the religion...when Christianity first began spreading, there was only one Christianity to speak of. The word "Catholic" is used today mostly to differentiate between the major branches of Christianity (the others being Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy).

The fact that Jesus was Jewish is often glazed over. Actually, I should say that it is sometimes glazed over and sometimes it simply never occurs to people in the first place. To many Christians, there is an alarming discrepancy between the history of Christianity that is taught to them on Sundays and the history of Christianity as examined through a historical/anthropological perspective. That is probably where the anger comes from.

Tara did a very good job of explaining this to you. She should be commended.

If I add anything, I might add that the self proclaimed "apostle Paul" did much to change christianity and the Jesus teachings in his time. He turned everything in the "gentile" (non Jew) direction, claimed to have met and also was taught, by Jesus himself. Paul claimed many visions and experiences, but could not tell if "he was in the body or out of the body" at the time. This is used by many to further belief in a "soul," but why believe Paul on anything when he "could not tell?" He had a great following and proclaimed himself the "greatest apostle of all." The problem here was that the rest of them did not believe it!

Enter the first early church rifts that most christians today will not even tell you about. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) has the gematria equivelent of the great anti-christ. (So did the Roman ruler of the day.) Most modern christians want you to believe that the early believers were all one happy family. This was not so.

Revelation could have been written warning about many things known mostly to people who lived at that time. Saul of Tarsus (the apostle Paul) could have been one of them. Certainly the book has nothing to do with some futuristic sky demon empowering an earth creature so that modern man can shiver and cower over science fiction movies. (Fundies love this idea.)

Strife in the church. Oh, no. That  could never be. That's why we have so many of them today!


You are correct. Also, ultimately because of the idiot Saul of Tarsus (become Paul), Rome was won over to Christianity under Emperor Constantine and following Emperors. It was Paul and his followers who brought it to Rome during the first century CE, which some three centuries later Constantine probably converted to it as a political act for mere gain, knowing that Paul had taught his followers to obey the Civil rulers, and a great many of Constantine's soldiers were no doubt Christians.

That's right on, Anthony.

I've often ask Christians why Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 10:5-6 the following:    

These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:

But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

It's obvious that Jesus was concerned only with the Jews and the approaching apocalypse he prophesies.

I either get no answer or the standard Christian Apologist defense of "You are taking it out of context" and only people that have the Holy Spirit within them really understand what Jesus is saying.

I wonder if Jesus and his disciples had a secret handshake? 



You want to see the "context." Read a lot above the passage and then also read a lot below it. There. You have the context. Also do not bring other books in to explain what this one book has just told you. (This is why there are so many churches.)

Only people who have the Holy Spirit within them really understand what Jesus is saying. How can that be? Yes, even the disciples never really got it til they were in that upper room. "Fa la la la. Da da da dit. Ho see con didli eih." Now forget the handshake and roll around in the floor like Curly of the Three Stooges. Say a few sylables.

But to some I'm just a crazy old man. I guess even an ex-preacher can put guilt on you. When I worked in the factory I'm talking to a woman about her smoking, and maybe she forgot about my atheism. I'm an ex-smoker too. She got all dignified and says "you don't know.Jesus himself was probably a smoker" as she walked away.

I thought for a minute and replied, "come to think of it, you're right. When we were teenagers he smoked Marlboro."

Lol, Dennis. I've seen the act myself. And listened to the preachers encourage it. Going so far as to raise the arms of the people who were speaking in tongues. Even as a child the whole show puzzled, and sometimes, terrified me.

k.h. ky, I've seen the pastors and other big wigs in the churches raise the person's arms and start waving them back and forth like a palm tree in a storm. I asked what this was for and the pastor said, "we want to see how far under she is." Such nonsense this is! Of course, they meant she was under the power of the holy spirit, but WHERE is this in the Bible? What did it mean and what would it prove? It's simply not in there at all.

As for arms in the air in the first place, this is an ancient practice to "catch" some of the god or spirit power coming down. People used to believe that the room was filled with god power at certain times of prayer, and that power was just over their heads.

revolution rules

I think the bottom line is that they (religious people) simply don't know.  Their religion is based on stories that were passed down word of mouth until eventually written down.  You have found a hole in their story and this scares them.  And rather than admit that they are scared and don't know that respond with anger.  I think you are going to have to go to much more learned religious scholars to find out if there even is an explanation.

Jesus was not King of the Jews.  This is what Herod called him in order to mock him.




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