NO! We, Homo Sapiens, Couldn't Have Just Happened! No..o..o!

"We are too wonderful to have just happened! So is the earth! And the universe!"

So says the protesting theist, who is almost an atheist.

And the almost-atheist, who wants to leave the plantation but keeps returning to it.


Yes. The word apostate, says the OED, originated from the Greek for runaway slave.

What say you?

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What, wait a minute. I thought we were impure unworthy failures condemned to torture unless saved like wheat from the chaff ?

Yeah, Bobby, my head all but exploded when I heard people saying I was a child of a God who made a universe for me and also saying that other stuff about me.

They had not a shred of evidence for their claims so I tossed them all.

A "child of God"? Quite a few preachers and (unfortunately) politicians make that God out to be an abusive asshole of a "parent", who according to their stories created us humans, "loves" us, yet will consign many of us to a place of everlasting torture and suffering he created -- infinite punishment for finite crimes, including many victimless "crimes" such as thoughtcrime. And he tries (rather, the preachers try) to gaslight us into believing it's all our fault.

Surely we could invent better gods. Or do without.

As you said, not a shred of evidence beyond natural forces, coincidences, and the power of human action inspired by a shared character and beliefs in lots of people's heads.

"Too wonderful to have just happened"?!?  That has a strong whiff of an argument from ignorance and/or incredulity to me ... and needless to say, I don't buy it for an instant.

Given a choice between

  1. our wonderful, complex, and indifferent universe having "just happened", and
  2. a necessarily even more complex and improbable god having "just happened", then creating the universe,

I'll go with the first option. After all, we're here observing it.

This brings to mind the amusing epigraph which opens Douglas Adams' The Restaurant at the End of the Universe:

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

I recall a conversation with a Catholic friend who was stunned when I mentioned out loud that I don't believe the big guy in the clouds exists and I even claimed there is zero evidence of any gods. "Just look around at the trees and birds" was the response. I called him a "lazy bastard"; we both chuckled. He knew exactly why I said that. God is a nice soft pillow to lay an empty head on.

God is a nice soft pillow to lay an empty head on.

THAT's one for the Quotations group, Bobby!

Not original for him I'm sure, but my step father once held his arms out like he was on a cross and as he did it he said "Jesus loved you this much." An amazing man that Jesus, and he had an awfully lot of blood. He even had "water and blood" come out of his side when he was pierced. I've always wondered what the cross motion would have become if Jesus was hanged by a rope or electrocuted. In scripture translations the cross becomes a stake. How would they have made that old movie "The Sign of the Stake?" NO, it had to be a cross.

Then for all of us to get here and populate the earth Jesus played a part when god said "let us make man in our own image." Moses is credited with writing Genesis although we now think Moses never existed. How could he have known what happened "in the beginning?" Moses must have had a copy of that rare book by god himself titled "How I Did It." All of mankind are sinners because god's perfect plan involved incest. 

For those who do not like my story of creation and how we got here, simply pick another religion or just make up your own. That's what everyone else does. Then you can say I know because I know because I know. 

Assuming the premises of the Bible stories, was incest wrong in Adam's time and in Noah's time, before God spelled out that it was wrong? (And didn't Lot's daughters get their father drunk and have sex with him, with no apparent disapproval in the Bible?)

In modern times, why is it widely considered wrong for consenting adults who are closely related--say, who were separated, and meet and fall for each other as adults--to have a sexual relationship? (Very separate question from grooming and mindfucking kids to manufacture "consent"!)

What if Jesus (if he existed) were hanged or electrocuted? Dan Piraro offers one possibility: 

(as usual, click to embiggen)

Hm-mm, instead of the Sign of the Cross, we would have the Sign of the Chair, or the Sign of the Noose.

 It seems to have applied. I did run away and my mind was completely captive to religious indocttination, but I was not and could not be owned by a god that does not exisit. My father thought my mother was too wonderful.... so I "just happened" I have the sex drive that evolved, that ensures the propagation of our species to thank for it. Evidently my parents thought each  other were hot, that is the only reason I actually exist. That being said I am greatful for my parents.




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