Noahs Ark: The funniest (scariest) defense of this story that you've ever seen.

Hello everybody,

I just recently signed up and I thought that with my first post I'd offer you a good laugh. A few years ago I was involved in several disscusions at concerning religion. Mostly evolution v. creation but also several on the Flood. One of the more out there posters had put togethor what he called a 'book' that he felt put forward a strong case in favor of the story of the ark... it doesn't. To give you a taste of the scholarship involved in this work, he uses a unit of measurement called 'cubit mass' when discussing the relative size of the boats described in the Bible and in the Epic of Gilgamesh. He also, quite seriously, references the Necronomicon as a real book written by the Mad Arab, Alhazrad (if you're not familiar, it's a fictional text invented by HP Lovecraft in the early 1920's). I'd like to include it as an attached file but I'm posting from an iPhone. So if you'd like to see it I have it stored in my email and perhaps I could send it to someone and they could post it or attach it here, it's well worth the read, if just for the yucks. So I guess either post here or I see I have an inbox so I assume people can send me messages, either way.

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Hi, and welcome. Yes we'd like to see it. There's an "attach file" option in the reply box. Click it and it lets you browse files on your machine and upload them -

Yah, I tried that but with the iphone (I don't have a computer) I can't seem to move the file from my email to the phone and then to this site.
The Charioteers would love to see it.
Well I can mail it to someone who can then attach it here but I can't attach it myself.
Hey Charioteers, I sent the 'book' to your email at, the title is- noahs ark the true story. Do me a favor and attach it to this thread so that everyone else can read it as well.


C'mon, can someone please help me get this noahs ark book posted or attached here? I assure you it's well worth the time taken to read it, if just for the comedic value.
Drawz emailed me the book and I've dumped it into a .pdf. It's attached, spelling errors, warts and all (THE ORIGION OF EVERYTHING etc.).
You can't build a wooden boat as large as Noah's as described in the Bible. It will break apart. Just check with any marine architect. The story of Noah and his ark is rife with errors, assumptions and outrageous, impossible claims. The FunDumbMentals "interpret" like crazy when it comes to Noah and almost all of Genesis is a great source of hilarity.




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