I would like to discuss nomenclature, but I think it would be best in a group than on a forum where discussions eventually fall off the page. Also, I don't find it easy to search here. Is it that "nomenclature" is a word most atheists don't know? We can't assume that atheists are any one stereotype.

The idea came to me, because I recently used the phrase "counting my blessings" - people generally understand what that means, but some connect it to religious language.

I also sign a song I love with the word "grace" and I'm trying to understand that word in a non-religious context, but is there such a thing or is that really just a religious word? Can we give grace to each other or is that only attributed to "God"?

I don't want to start a group if no one else is interested in this topic and maybe a group is NOT a good idea for some reason I'm not aware of, because I only use this forum sporadically. So, those who use this board a lot or main moderators here, what do you think about that?

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I think this type of topic would be right at home in the group, LINGUAPHILES & SESQUIPEDALIANS.

But, there are countless groups on here, some I can't even fathom what they have to do with the purpose of this site (at least remotely related to atheism, even if just peripherally… aside from "no theists allowed"), there's nothing to stop you from starting a group. But if you want others involved, I would think finding an existing group is always better, if one can be found that fits the bill.

I agree that it's best to use an existing group. Thanks for the suggestion. Don't know if I'll get an answer there, but we'll see.

I helped "get the ball rolling" on there...




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