What's something simple that nonbelievers could wear to identify themselves?

I like:


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I think religionists would prefer it if we just wore a pair of pointy horns, as to be easily identified.

We'd be lost among all the people who believe in the "wrong" religions!

An invisible pink unicorn horn? 

There ya go.


(For added stealth, you could wear it with an invisible chain.)

Future, that's perfect. I actually have a photo of myself wearing horns from several years ago.
Reminds me of a moment of genius I had once at a Memorial Day party. A friend brought their new baby, and there were appetizers including Bugles and that cheese that squirts out of a can ... which also doubles as a harmless adhesive. I borrowed their baby and returned it as a devil child. :)

I borrowed their baby and returned it as a devil child

I always wished I had a tail, as a child. 

Ironic, considering that it sounds like you are allergic to anything with a tail.

I'm not allergic to snakes, anyway :)

Some people do have tails

A Satanic tail with an arrow at the end would be especially cool.  The arrow could act as a snagger and grabber.

Horns and a tail. That could be cool.




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