I had just opened my digital copy of the Plain Dealer this morning, despaired at the Tribe losing yet another one to the Athletics, turned to page 2 & 3 ... and spent the next couple seconds recovering my jaw from the floor, mostly because the following article was smack in the middle of Page Three:

[Click on the above article to enlarge it.]

Atheism hasn't been a large hot-button issue in Cleveland that I've seen, but to see this piece and the billboards is encouraging to me, especially that the Northern Ohio Freethought Society is taking these steps. 

I'm going to be very intrigued to see what the reaction is in the PD, as well as to spot the billboards in my travels!

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k.h. ky,m I agree, Loren has a way with words that makes solid points without whining and stands firmly on his solid foundation of non-belief in superhuman powers. I, too, wish I could write as powerfully as Loren.


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