This is my first post. I am a nontheist rather than an atheist because atheism seems to include both passive nontheism and aggressive anti-theism.  Personally, I don't believe in gods and I am unconcerned about other people who believe in such creatures.  To me, the great harm to the world has come, not from theist or nontheist per se, but from a militant dogmatic ideology, e.g., Islam, Christianity, Marxism and anti-theism to name a few.  I suspect militant dogmatism might be a symptom of some deep seated psychopathology, i.e., unresolved conflicts about what they believe.  Why are they so threatened by people who disagree with them?

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Militant dogmatic ideology, excellent description. An excellent example of this would be the recent 'blasphemy' motivated assassination in Pakistan, and the Mohammed cartoon plotters just arrested in Denmark. I pity people who feel that sort of thing is necessary for those reasons...
A subtle, sophisticated and significant distinction.  I, too, am uncomfortable using "atheist" because of its negetive connotation. 




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