I drive a truck cross country for a living. Not the most glamorous life, but it suits me well. Everywhere I go there are litteraly six to ten religiously oriented radio stations, often more. When I get on satalite T.V. there are entire networks devoted to Christianity. Even back in the days of 3 channel rabbit ears, there was the "700 Club" and Sundays always had evangelical programing of some kind. So, if the newest numbers are correct, and we rationalists make up 15% to 16% of the U.S. population, where is our network? I'm thinking both as a consumer and a regular guy that sees an awsome buisness oportunity and untapped demograffic. If I had the resorces at my disposal, I'd drop everything and get going on this little endevor before breakfast in the morning. But, alas, the gas bill is overdue and I have no contacts whatsoever in the world of broadcast media. So! Any suggestions? Supporters? Potential investors? (Those guys doing "The Atheist Experience" down in Austin need a bigger forum, if nothing else.) Youtube and of course the Nexus here are great formats, but wouldn't a station or channel that was non theist specific be awsome? Anyone know any millionaire atheists that'll give me a grubstake? :) We could call it "Reality T.V.!" Lol!

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