I am new to this site and I find it disturbing that no theists are allowed to be on this site. Shouldn't all be welcome so we can truly learn from one another? I propose changing the law of this site to allow theists to join the conversation.

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Loren - you might be a sonofabitch, but you're OUR sonofabitch and we love you for it.

I second that.

Very good point Daniel.

Yo, DREW!  You got the cojones to bring something real to this conversation?  You think you qualify?

I'm calling you out.  Either bring it or take a hike; I don't care which.  Your profile says, and I quote, that you "want to promote atheism," yet your first post suggests that we allow those whose primary purpose as repeatedly demonstrated has been to disrupt and disorder what is otherwise a reasonably civil and enjoyable environment to participate in our space.  I have been here a considerably longer time than you have, over five years, in fact.  I have seen what virtually 100% of what theists who have made it in here bring to the conversation.  They bring nothing new, nothing novel, nothing illuminating or revelatory.  They bring the SOS - the Same Old Shit - repeatedly, to the point where my patience with such people has effectively evaporated.

Are you one of us, or are you one of them?  Are you an atheist, a freethinker who chooses what he thinks and how he thinks or are you yet another religious ditto-head who thinks he can put one over on us?  Do I sound hostile?  Ohhhhhhh, you betcha!  I VALUE this space, where I get to talk to my fellow atheists and freethinkers, WITHOUT the interference of those who want to superimpose their crap on us while simultaneously failing to understand what that crap even is.

And right now I'm half an inch away from dropping a dime on you and getting you ejected ... so if I were you, I'd give some very serious thought to the next words you post here, if you're genuinely serious about being a part of this community.

Your comment, stated clearly, gives the appropriate and much-needed response. I agree with you wholeheartedly. 

A true speaker for this community! 

There are plenty of other sites for that kind of discussion.  It's nice to have a place of our own

Drew, I believe we've all been clear about theists not being welcome here. If you're a new atheist seeking a community you are welcome.
If you are a theist in disguise please move on.

This site is specifically made for atheists...

I'm grateful to not have to "hear" from the other side here. My Facebook newsfeed makes me ill, pray for me, pray for her, prayers needed, praise God my dog came home after being gone for days... I've so often wanted to delete everyone whose posts contain the word pray or praise. I haven't. Part of me believes I need to see their words, to know them, to never lose sight of them, but crap it takes a toll. I appreciate this site- and I've only just joined today! Atheists only, as we need at least one place to call our own.

Carrie, the big reason that I can argee with you is that believers want to do special pleading to convince you of their god. Imagine the argument where our universe is in one fish bowl and everything about god is in the other fish bowl. Somehow god can go into your fish bowl and never leave a trace of evidence that he did. PRESTO! The believer thinks he has proven his god to be real and there's nothing you can do or say to make it otherwise. Who wants to always hear all the variations of that noise?

I guess that unicorns really do live in your shoes.


Boy, do I hear you!  I'm a quilter, machine embroiderer, etc. and the groups I belong to are filled with women (mostly) constantly blessing everyone, wishing everyone a blessed day, asking for prayers for everything from finding missing scissors to ill family members.  If they want to carry on this way I wish they'd find their own non-crafting groups.  And I'm so tired of the discussions about whether their dog who has "passed" will join them in the afterlife!  With all the TV news stories featuring dogs, commercials with premium choice cuts of organic foods for dogs, and the money spend on them, I've gotten to the place where I no longer want to see or hear about dogs either let alone god!  At least they don't talk about the latest celebrities on these sites, for that I am "thankful".   I'm turning into a curmudgeon!




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