I am new to this site and I find it disturbing that no theists are allowed to be on this site. Shouldn't all be welcome so we can truly learn from one another? I propose changing the law of this site to allow theists to join the conversation.

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Certainly theists may be able to provide insight that will be better the understanding of our universe without the circular argument. Wouldn't you agree? At the very least they could propose questions that may cause us to digger deeper into our own ideas and evidences to better our understanding.

It's quite clear that we can learn nothing from theists, because, for one thing, they have no evidence for their irrational beliefs.

Most theists will not learn from us because they refuse to listen to reason, logic, or evidence.  They only want to try to convert us to their superstitions, &/or call us names, &/or gleefully condemn us to eternal torture.

For those that want to talk to theists, there are many sites where that can be done.

This site is for those that want to have intelligent discussions without constantly being bombarded with unbelievable stupidity.

By the way, what you say sounds very theist.

I think so, too

I think so, three.

Many atheist - agnostic discussion groups have failed in the last 15 - 20 years because they were eventually swamped with Cut & Paste buybull nonsense, and barely literate undergodders.  It was like trying to reply to teh stupids who spread their ignorance commenting on "news" items on Yahoo.  They ruined things for everyone else, and the non-theists left in droves.

"Trolling, trolling, over the interwebs."

Good point Bertold.  On the same subject, there are those atheists that can handle the constant stupidity of talking with theists on other sites, and they often report to us any new and interesting comments by theists, so we are not sheltered from any ideas other than our own.

Oh! Very good!she may be confronting what many of us have!

A rare bird indeed, Bertold. 

Drew, you clearly do no have the experience others of us had. Those who want to find converts to fairy tales think they have reached fertile ground on this site! Little do the know how uninterested we are! I, for one do not want them on here! I am not asking, I am telling you, I do not welcome believers here!
If you want dialogue with them, there are many. Other place to where such conversation already exists!

Being that most of us at one point in time were theists, I don't think that's possible. At most it would make for an interesting psychology study, but this isn't the appropriate site for that. 

No! I do not agree that

"theists may be able to provide insight that will be better the understanding of our universe without the circular argument."

I have read nothing from theists wanting to provide insights. They come here for one purpose only. And they are not welcome!


Mr. Spud I think your light attack on me is exactly what we as non theists are trying to get rid of. The "we don't want to listen to them, they don't get it" mindset that you hold is very theist in nature.




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