at this point, i feel like bills like this are less about religion and more about daring the federal gov't to do something about it.  still, it's another reminder that the GOP is the party of GOD.

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Phenomenal.  I'll grant you that there are likely not very many Jews or Muslims or other alternative religious adherents in North Carolina, but my suspicion is that they're likely to feel as marginalized if this bill passes as any atheist living there would.  That doesn't even get into the constitutionality (or lack thereof!) of this bill.

And "daring the federal government to do something about it" seems to be the latest political game these days.  I note that North Dakota has done something very similar with its latest anti-abortion bill.  Both it and this "state religion" effort will do little more than to waste time and energy in various courtrooms before it is declared unconstitutional and thrown out.  Lots of politically minded christians will react by being butt-hurt and claiming persecution (man, that word is popping up a LOT lately!) and possibly start talking about a constitutional amendment which would eliminate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution altogether.

[sigh] Like I said - phenomenal.

quite right, Loren.  nullification seems to be all the rage in the south these days.  where have we seen that before????

Here's the irony of this crap. These Bible thumping, craven, fanatics think they're being the most patriotic individuals on the block. In my humble estimation, they constitute a core of anti-American, freedom loathing,  bigoted zealots who are the same as the ayatollahs of Iran, or for that matter, the promoters of state ideology of Juche in North Korea. Yeah, there's nothing that speaks of love of America more than a rebel  flag - the banner of the forces who tried to destroy the US.  After all, as we're told on a daily basis, they're the TRUE Americans - ideological descendants of those who caused a war that took over a half million lives for the twin purposes of keeping other humans enslaved and wreaking havoc on their forefather's creation of a secular democracy.

Half of my family has lived in North Carolina for a few hundred years; the other half has been there for a few thousand.  I 'grew up' in Rowan County, the place from which the two yahoos introducing this bill hail.  From my experience with old friends who still live there, these views represent their values.  Someone who has grown up in the South can no more divorce their understanding of reality from religion than a fish can know what it's like to be out of water -- it's just the atmosphere and essence of every breath.


Our town there in the 1960s was dominated by the KKK and Southern Baptist Church, which were intertwined branches of the same world view.  A cross was burned on our lawn and our store vandalized because Dad gave business credit to our black neighbors and refused to join the Klan/Church.  Things on the surface have changed a great deal there, but underlying attitudes have not.  If my friends & relatives from back there were given a choice of political candidates, I'd be very surprised if they chose one who didn't advocate return to Biblical law.



perhaps i expect too much from elected lawmakers.  shouldn't an elected official be required to take and pass some sort of civics class?  

Let's not get radical here, Matthew. Next thing we know, you'll be demanding literacy!

The bill is dead.

North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis' office said Thursday that a resolution asserting North Carolina has the power to set an official state religion is dead, and won't go any further.

that's good. i'm actually surprised. thanks for the update.


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