North Carolina school reportedly squashed students’ hopes for atheist club

Kalei Wilson and her brother Ben Wilson wanted to start a secular student group at Pisgah High School. But administrators allegedly told them that an atheist club was ‘not a good fit.’

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Very interesting, if not horribly surprising.  Apparently, they are now waiting for the school administration's further deliberations on the issue.  If this crap about a "good fit" persists, it may be time to go to the FFRF and/or ACLU well yet again and let Pisgah know that there are other opinions out there, and law to back them up.

The older I get, the less tolerant I am of bigots. Too bad I don't practice in North Carolina. My first response to the principal would be, "Can you say 'Federal Injunction?'"

Gee, I dunno, Pat ... think that'd get their attention?!?  How about, maybe: "Civil suit???"

An injunction is just the opening salvo of a civil suit. In addition to the injunction, you go for $$$. 

Now that is an opportunity. This is awesome free advertisement for the atheists.

Their best weapon will be a sense of humor.

I'm sure that's not making the school administrators happy. I wonder what the requirement is for the sponsor.

I hope they don't blame the snowstorm on the atheists.

I love in this back-assward state.  I have no idea how close this school district is to where I live, or I'd gladly be a monitor/supervisor of the club.

According to the article, the Freedom From Religion and ACLU legal eagles have attempted contact with the school district, but alas, no response because of the snow storm (which was actually an ice storm).  For some odd reason, where I live (Wilmington), the ACLU carries weight.  Nobody wants to mess with the ACLU.  I am hoping the kids will get their club.

As for blaming the snowstorm on the atheists, will it didn't go that far.  HOWEVER, Wilmington was no way prepared for inclement weather.  I do understand that ice and snow is not seen here very often, but having some rock salt or gravel on hand for the main roads would be logical. Then, again, logic is a rare trait in this area.  I was talking to some of my coworkers during the storm.  One customer jumped in to say, "pray to Jesus to get you home safely.  Have a blessed day."  I was stunned.  These idiots really do believe an imaginary friend is the panacea for all their woes.  

I catch that, you should thank the Lord, in this area so often, it really pisses me off. These people have no idea that not everyone believes in their god. And for those of us who don't, to them, we're just wrong!

Well I guess the school should be squashed as well.

I would be tempted to say "It many not be a good fit with religious dingbats, but it's a good fit with science, and a good fit with intelligent people."

I applaud the kids for trying to stand up for reason.  If it is a public school they should not be holding or advertising any religiously affiliated groups or events.  

I imagine they have to have a faculty member to supervise any student club. I don't know that. Just my guess. Makes some sense.

I hope the kids don't encounter hateful repercussions. It would not surprise me if they do. I lived in a much more progressive college and industrial town in Illinois, many years ago, lived quietly, bothered no one, and still came home one day to "fag" spray painted on the house. The same neighborhood had a drug dealer who managed to get himself shot at home, and no neighborhood objection to that. Their town in North Carolina is probably much more regressive.

It might be hard to find a faculty adviser, but that's no reason not to do the first steps of starting a club. Not being a "good fit" is a lie, of course.

I'm with Pat, although I hate to put those nice kids through the stress of what schoolmates and neighbors by do.

Apparently the school has reversed its position and decided to allow the students to establish their club. While the change of heart could have come from some genuine reflection and soul searching on the part of the school administration I think it's significant that it was the school's attorney rather than its principal who made the announcement.

As Sentient Biped feared, getting a faculty sponsor has proved to be problematic. No one has volunteered at this point. Considering the cultural milieu in which these people operate even a teacher sympathetic to the group's purpose might understandably be hesitant to step up to the plate.

On the bright side, some students are supporting the formation of the club even though they themselves identify as Christian. But most students I guess not so much.




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