North Carolina school reportedly squashed students’ hopes for atheist club

Kalei Wilson and her brother Ben Wilson wanted to start a secular student group at Pisgah High School. But administrators allegedly told them that an atheist club was ‘not a good fit.’

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Oh wow, what they need is a good celebrity endorsement. Maybe Penn Jilette? Joe Rogan? Who's considered "hip" these days? I wouldn't know....

How about Keanu Reeves or Bill Maher?

Thanks for the update! The fear of lawsuit must have overruled the fear of god!

the whole thing reeks.  as does their myth - the Dad was a dick, the son a rebellious hippie who liked to drink wine and hang with dudes - and this is the story they can relate to?  i think in today's day and age that anyone clinging to these stories is officially in the dumb camp.  we know dumb people are out there, and the true believers are them.  

Very good news!  It would appear that Pisgah High School has gotten the message and will allow the formation of a Secular Student Alliance group.  In fact, two teachers at Pisgah have already offered to sponsor the group, which tells me that this school district may not be as monolithic as first glance would suggest.

I got this news from an email I received this morning from the SSA.

Excellent news! Though, it does remind me of something you posted here earlier. The school administration is not moral. If they really believed their position was correct, they would have dug in their heels. But, like all true believers, they're just cowards who respond well to threats.

Wonderful. It's small victories like this that gives me hope for my grandchildren.

Fan-freakin'-TASTIC!! I'm especially thrilled about the two teachers coming forward to volunteer their services.

There may be some hope for humanity.

I can't explain it, but i don't feel defeated. How will it look when xians celebrate this small battle? Very small, and not very christ-like. There's a big world outside of Pisgah high school. What about a celebrity ambush? The school will think that a celebrity is in town and wants to drop by. While the cameras are rolling, and the staff is weak in the knees, the celebrity atheist can ask "Why won't you let Kalei start a secular student group? I'm an atheist you know" Let the himmin and hawin begin. Oopsy daisy, i just read all the replies; WIN. 




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