Ok so I understand the viewpoint of the majority of the Christian community is that nostradamus has correctly "guessed" the year in which "God" will unleash his o so holy wrath. What interests me is to find out what the rest of the world, you know the ones who actually use intellect, think of this "prediction".

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To put not too fine a point on Nostradamus' so-called prophecies...B.S.!!! Can anyone cite one Nostradamus prediction that came true in advance of the event? For example, those who believe in his "prophecies" say that he predicted 9/11. Why did we not hear of this before 9/11/01? Please cite sources published confirming this prediction before that date. Another example, one of the most famous of Nostradamus "prophecies" is the rise of Adolf Hitler (Hister) and the Holocaust. Again, a citation of sources published in advance of the events, say, any source published before the year 1933.

Please provide sources that show a majority of the Christian community believes that Nostradamus guessed the year of god's wrath. What Nostradamus quatrain predicts this event? What is the year?

I'm not trying to be snarky about this, but believers in such things are delusional. There is absolutely no evidence that Nostradamus' prophecies ever came true until interpreted by followers after the event.

For a comprehensive and highly entertaining list of prophecies past, present, and future visit It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again
I always find these predictions quite interesting.

Those who make them and/or believe them seem to miss the fact that if the prediction is accurate it means that the Bible lied (or is wrong if one wants to be diplomatic).

Given the fact that the Bible clearly states that the day and hour will be unknown to humanity.
I am very pleased to hear of the end of mankind (again).
My wish on such an auspicious occasion (yet another auspicious occasion) is that all those who truly believe this or think it most probable, make themselves known to everyone and avow that if it does not occur (again) then they will do the decent thing and rid the world of themselves. Come on, that's only fair seeing they are predicting death for the rest of us.

Now; who will be the first to put their name down on the list?
I've heard somewhere that the key to being a philosopher/predictor is a mix of ambiguity and the obvious. here's my attempt: there will be a major event in the next 10 years, I wont tell you when or where but look out for it!
The calendar on my wall ends on December 31. I think that portends something.
As I thought noone with any kind of intellect could believe in such nonsense. As far as the majority of christians believing in it I was not stating that from anything I got from any poll but from my own experience. I have recently asked a large handfull of the christians I know about Nostradamus and they have told me point in fact that they believe he predicted when Jesus will come down from Heaven and redeem them.
I had a friend who was the "fortune teller" at a carnival. She had folks lined up around the block!

She would start out with something like, "You are having some type of relationship issue (or financial or emotional)." She also used, "You have thought about changing jobs." It was great! She simply made comments that were broad and vague, then modified the specifics based on the person's reactions.

I also love that guy who talks to dead loved ones... "I am getting and 'R'... robert, randy, roy?"... Some dead person is out there in the after life yelling "My name starts with an 'R'!" Apparently dead people love to only communicate the first letters of their names!
LOL... John Edwards is a real bastard
Do any of these 'predictions' ever contain information that can actually used BEFORE the so-called 'fulfillment' occurs? No. Never. No crises averted. Nothing. They are stretched to fit the facts AFTER the fact. That is all.

On the other hand, pagan's were able to predict when the next full moon would occur and - lo and behold - they got it right?

Seismic monitoring stations have a useful degree of accuracy predicting tsunamis beofre they happen and, with the proper warning systems in place, save thousands of lives.

Nostradamus himself saved thousands - but not with his quatrains - but his notion (which turned out to be correct) that proper sanitary measures would help stop the spread of the plague.
Sorry - I forgot.
If you search for real translations of Nostradamus' 500 year old French, you will see that in no instance is he translated well by those trying to find relevant predictions. If you ever see someone quoting a quatrain, check here for a decent translation: http://www.maar.us/nostradamus_quatrains_main.html
There are many pages that point out the postdiction phenomena associated with Nostradamus. Complete bunk.
People have been claiming to know when the world will end for years. And I'm surprised that the Christian community is siding with Nostradamus, especially when their god says know one will know the day or the hour.




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