Ok so I understand the viewpoint of the majority of the Christian community is that nostradamus has correctly "guessed" the year in which "God" will unleash his o so holy wrath. What interests me is to find out what the rest of the world, you know the ones who actually use intellect, think of this "prediction".

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Yesterday my back was giving me trouble so I parked in front of the TV and decided to see what the "Nostradamus Effect" was about - it was the worst bullshit I have witnessed in a long time. There were more leaps in "logic" than I thought possible in a one hour program. How that program has any relationship to history completely escapes me.
I wish 2013 would roll around so people would just feel like dumb-asses for thinking a calender ending in 2012 means the end of the world.Come on calenders end then you get a new one and keep going.



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