In a letter to the editor to our local newspaper a christian fanatic was decrying NH's governor's signing into law homosexual marriage. In the course of his BuyBull banging tirade he dismissed the history of priestly child molestations by saying this:

" ... a closer look at the facts will show that between 80 and 90 percent of the abuse of adolescents was committed by homosexual pedophile predators masquerading as priests, and not heterosexual men wearing the Roman collar."

I'll spare you my rather cutting letter in reply.

We've all heard the "not true Christian" ("no true scotsman fallacy) escape route proffered by many self appointed Christians in charge of determining who is and isn't a TRUE Christian. But this is the first time I've witnessed one of them declaring that ordained priests, many of whom have been doing the Lard's work for decades... weren't TRUE Priests, They were just masquerading as such.

Interestingly he omits the minor detail that the Catholic church has been covering it up, hiding these "not true priests" for years and years, moving them from one parish to another... suborning their perversion. Also very telling is the fact he didn't disclaim those Bishops, Cardinals, and the Church itself as "Not True Christians or Christian Churches" for their complicity.

I don't know if its blinders, lack of honesty, utter stupdity, or simple hypocrisy that causes such denial. But I have seen such things often enough to come to the conclusion it's endemic to devout theists as a necessary defense of their faith.

What do you think prompts such delusional bullshit from them?


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although I do think that quite a number of the priest-hood were probably gay, and non-celibate I think its' going a bit far to say that pedophilia was alway's the norm.

Statistically speaking, more people are sexually assulted by doctors, than by priests. We just hold "priests" up to a much higher standard, because they themselves claim they are speaking for a God(wether or not we believe in a god).

Sexual assult has existed for a very long time and it still does. I agree with your comment, that the church has alway's been slower to adopt new human rights and that it is society that pulls the church upward. Very astute observation.
I think the reason this happens, is because people do not want to associate themselves with that which is really bad. We all want to think of ourselves and our "communities" as good, so we make excuses.

Unfortunately, athiests are known to do exactly the same thing. How many times have I heard the whole "hitler was catholic" or "stalin was raised protestant" because in our minds, ATHIESTS would never commit such horrors, it must be because of some OTHER belief system.

Nonsense. Athiests are capable of brutality(though hitlers actual views are up for question I don't care if he's included in the athiest crowd) and believers are also capable of brutality.

That's because HUMANS are capable of this nonsense.

But, we don't want to face it. It's like facing yourself in the mirror. If a christian is capable of this, am I? Or..if an athiest is capable of this am I? We just don't want to believe we are THAT bad, so we pretend those dreadful people have nothing to do with our particular perspective on the world. In the process of our denial, humans continue to commit attrocities because we refuse to accept as a whole we are all capable of it.

Just my 2c's.




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