I got pulled over tonight doing 45 in a 30. I politely pulled out my DL and my Insurance card and passed it to the officer. In my passenger seat I had the book "God is not Great" by Christopher Hitchens. I had just left my Recovering from Religion meeting and it was dark. I was driving on a dark country road and wasn't paying attention to my speed. The cop asked me how I liked the book. I told him I was enjoying it. He walked away with the DL. He never even got in his car. He went to the back of my car and got my license plate number. Then he proceeded to fill out the ticket. I was thinking to myself how much this would increase my insurance by. About 5 minutes later he came back and he said, "I am going to ask you if you were wearing your seatbelt and you will answer no." I asked him why. He said, "If you tell me you weren't wearing your seatbelt I will write you a $10 non-moving violation instead of a $200 speeding ticket." I said, "Yeah, I wasn't wearing my seatbelt."

So instead of $200 and points on my license I got a $10 violation which never gets reported to the insurance companies. On his way back to the squad car he said, "Enjoy the rest of the book, have a good night!"

I never, in my wildest dreams, ever thought Christopher Hitchens could get me out of a speeding ticket.

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My brother has one of the best stories, but as he's not a member here, I'll relate it:

He's drive 50 down a 25 in a far out suburb of Chicago when a cop pulls out behind him, quickly gains speed to maintain distance and then waits 2-3 minutes before flashing lights and pulling him over. The office approaches the car and says to him:
"You saw me behind you, so why didn't you slow down?"
To which he said:
"I figured you already had me, I'd just get as far as I could."

He got a warning instead of a reckless driving ticket.




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