...are Bible-thumping asshats...Why do I say this (not to mention create a post about it)?

I'm tired of all the effing negativity being thrown around casually about the South and its inhabitants. I see so many posts where people lump us all into the same category, and I'm tired of it!

Sure, I don't like my state too much (at least a good chunk of the time, as it does some REALLY stupid stuff), but that's no reason to assume that all Texans (or what have you) deserve to be regarded as ignorant as the majority.

My short rant is over...We aren't all this guy:

BMW out!

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That it is Tom.
Hillbilly is a stupid stereotype of Appalachian people.
it also refers to those from Arkansas.
Huntsville is also the city that holds the most Klan rallies I belive or very close I lived there for a year post Katrina I live in Louisiana now and I think the only place that has them beat is our neighbors from Mississippi.
The Southern Poverty Law Center's hate map of the US is very telling. It's not just the southern US that has issues.
I remember there was a huge white power rally in Valley Forge Park, PA, about 15 min from my house...the area I live in is pretty metropolitan and even people from Indiana were surprised and said the KKK was extinct in their area (although maybe they only thought that)...I think they had it at Valley Forge to try and say that the Founding Fathers didn't want minorities to have rights. Whoever was watching them mostly laughed and jeered at them, or so I've heard.

Not only is this true of the South, but I think this is also true of stereotypes of Americans in general. I don't think its title of "stupidest Western country" is entirely justified as I've seen incredibly ignorant things coming from Europeans as well.
It's not ENTIRELY justified, but I can see why the title may apply lol.
I woulnd't be so sure about the south claim to fame thing.I have been living in Louisiana for over 8 years I grew up in Washington D.C and moved here because I had to run one of my family's business,I was scared to death when I saw southern flags flying so freely next to the American flag.I have never seen a real life southern flag before unless it was in the slavery documentaries.Knowing that in D.C. such an act of displaying this flag would mean linching ur ass if done in certain areas.I would think man if they're not as fond of black people imagine how they will see me a Latin man I might get sadomized or something.Not only that but I had attended public schools in dc and I must say the education level as far as public school here goes is a joke.Don't get me wrong I grew up poor and attended public schools but they were five star schools.Some of my friends here have never heard of such schools before here if u want good education u must pay for it.What a culture shock I went from being called Puerto Rican to Mexican even though I was born in El Salvador.But other than that it was good that New Orleans is a tourist state and most of those flags were washed away with Katrina.New Orleans lost most of it's culture with the hurricane and is starting to build a new image as a diverse state.Or may b is cause no one wants live here no more.
Glad to see the only state that the only state with almost as much hate as Texas is California lol
The number of hate groups may be close in size but if you go by population California has less hate groups by population than Texas, around 620000 Ca & 380000 Tx. Louisiana has about 1 hate group per 160000 people. Whereas Vermont has 1 hate group for around 620000 people.
I was actually mostly joking, but glad to know that Texas' hate exceeds California...(not that I didn't necessarily know that either...) =)
I know your post was done with humour. I just got curious about how the numbers actually worked out. I personally cannot speak about Texas except by what I read as I never have been there.




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