...are Bible-thumping asshats...Why do I say this (not to mention create a post about it)?

I'm tired of all the effing negativity being thrown around casually about the South and its inhabitants. I see so many posts where people lump us all into the same category, and I'm tired of it!

Sure, I don't like my state too much (at least a good chunk of the time, as it does some REALLY stupid stuff), but that's no reason to assume that all Texans (or what have you) deserve to be regarded as ignorant as the majority.

My short rant is over...We aren't all this guy:

BMW out!

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Well it's nice to have confirmation :)
It's definitely annoying, especially because their idea of "dealing" with it is to say we should just cut the south off from the rest of the U.S., effectively solving none of the problems they think we have.

I've lived in four other states than Texas and it is by far my favorite place. It's beautiful country, a colorful culture, and the people are quite friendly. The majority of the people I meet here are not the idiot hicks, either. I live out in the country, too. There was a lot of racism expressed when Obama was elected, but there were also a lot of people telling them where they and their views can go.
Damn straight. No shame in being blunt here lol.
I lived in Columbia, SC and went to high school in small town called Blythewood. I have to say that of all the places I've been, SC has some of the nicest, most compassionate, and open people I've ever met. I hate the stereotype that Southerners are uneducated and bigoted hicks, no matter how much truth there might be to it. Yeah, there are some assholes who should just choke on their dip, but other than that I loved it there.
Say word. Screw the fear mongers. Ever read the Fundamentals of Extremism; good book.
And then there's so many Vinnie Paz'ish lyrics!
I'm a proud native Texan.. but I'm also a proud atheist! I've always been agnostic and/or atheist. My mama raised me gud. lol I was raised out in the country too and went to public school where 99.9% were christian. I am ashamed of the number of hate groups in Texas, though. Very sad. Not only am I an atheist but I'm also a humanist and can't stand the thought of so many Americans still not having equal civil rights.

It's so awesome seeing all these atheist/nontheist groups springing up all over Texas. I had the pleasure of sending my daughter to the very first week long CampQuest Texas this past summer! Now onto the free thought convention in October. Texas is progressing in some ways :)
Ooo you're going to the TFC in October? Me too! How was her experience at CampQuest btw?
Well, we haven't actually decided yet if we're going to the TFC :) It would be awesome if we could, though. Our daughter LOVED campquest! She didn't want to come home and she can't wait to go next year.
Very very cool. I am almost definitely going to TFC, and bringing some friends (hopefully) along with me. =)
I'm doing school and practicum and working with the Sheriff's department here in L.A., so I'm unable to attend the convention. )=
This is interesting to me for several reasons. First, I didn't realize that Texas is considered South. Now I know that it's further south than any other continental US state, it's just that I thought it was just, well, Texas, and not a region of the country. I guess Im thinking Southeast, but then why isn't New Mexico considered South, or Arizona, or Southern California?

This reminds me of, after I moved from the Midwest to Oregon. The first time I heard Colorado referred to as "Back East" I thought, huh? And even now I know people who consider Illinois "East Coast".

Nerd might verify, Indiana is a Southern state that happens to be in the North. I lived there for 5 years. Then there's Florida. I realize that northern Florida is South, but I never thought of Miami as a Southern city. More of a Northeastern city that wound up in the tropics.

Im so confused.
We're lumped in with the south because of the culture being similar enough to the other states east of us. We had the plantations, the slavery, the fight to separate from the north, etc. Heck, we're also majority Southern Baptists, as well.



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