Ive seen a lot of posts on here along the lines of aren't theists funny and stupid because they don't believe what we do?
Its a mistake to underestimate theists, some of the cleverest people who have ever lived have been commited theists, the history of philiosophy is largely one of hugely,frighteningly intelligent people trying to come up with reasons why a silly word game devised by a 12th century monk didnt actualy prove that god existed. It took 500 years for Kant to show why the argument was wrong.Dont fall for the trap of thinking that theists are stupid simply because stupid ones lurk on facebook.

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I'm not sure I'd call that cognition. Well, unless they are cog spanners.
lol - if two cogs touching turn in the same direction - is that cog-nitive dissonance?
>if two cogs touching turn in the same direction

I thought that sort of thing was a sin and punishable by a thorough stoning outside the city limits?
More like cog-nitive distoothance. And that actually sounds more painful than stoning. But whatever two cogs do in the privacy of their own homes is none of my business.
Reminds me of this:

That's a good one. I wonder how many people fail to see the unintended irony.

Every time we passed a graveyard when I was a kid my dad would say:

"Look at all the irreplaceable people!"
That's priceless. I suppose the cogs might not all be on the same plane, but the graphic certainly seems to show that they are.
Yes, your quiet right. How terribly superior of me.

Bad Richard!

I shall flagellate myself immediately with a wet noodle as penitence.
You've done this before...
Right, they use computers just like we do to communicate and conspire against their rival optics.
Fear mongering and corporate influence manipulation is not free in the digital age. Sure it's cheaper to just say the youth "has gotta believe"... but
in the end your family will either disown you or make life real hard w/out any real constructive communication. So, yeah, some families are huge bling-bling signaure lifers (vatican) and then there's the low-signature and truly freethinking families, extended non-bloodline ones.

So Jez, your english is worse than mine, is it the typing or are you not so good at it?

How does the phrase go "fear not of men because men must die" they're mortal; only corporations (some) are immortal. Hugh Wah!?!?




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