Ive seen a lot of posts on here along the lines of aren't theists funny and stupid because they don't believe what we do?
Its a mistake to underestimate theists, some of the cleverest people who have ever lived have been commited theists, the history of philiosophy is largely one of hugely,frighteningly intelligent people trying to come up with reasons why a silly word game devised by a 12th century monk didnt actualy prove that god existed. It took 500 years for Kant to show why the argument was wrong.Dont fall for the trap of thinking that theists are stupid simply because stupid ones lurk on facebook.

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Not all {insert group} are stupid.
Any absolute categorical statement about a social group will be false. Your hyperbole masks the reality that in our current society, education and intelligence are positively correlated with atheism. That we focus on the absurdity and inconsistency of religion, even ridicule it, is perfectly justified.
Very well said.

The idea of theism is stupid, and stupid ideas can be held by (otherwise) intelligent people.
Don't blame the stupid - blame the stupidity.


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