Ive seen a lot of posts on here along the lines of aren't theists funny and stupid because they don't believe what we do?
Its a mistake to underestimate theists, some of the cleverest people who have ever lived have been commited theists, the history of philiosophy is largely one of hugely,frighteningly intelligent people trying to come up with reasons why a silly word game devised by a 12th century monk didnt actualy prove that god existed. It took 500 years for Kant to show why the argument was wrong.Dont fall for the trap of thinking that theists are stupid simply because stupid ones lurk on facebook.

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My point exactly.
Theism is stupid, not necessarily "theists".

I argue with Theists all the time, and my advice to most is keep the arguments against the points, not the person. Theists I argue with often start making personal attacks, presumably when they run out of ideas for logical points of debate "oh, you're just bitter"...etc. but, we, as atheists, need to be relentless in pointing out the idiocy, lunacy, and yes, stupidity of the god concept.

Smart people smoke, but that doesnt mean you start to give credibility to the idea of smoking.
nice analogy at the end.
Yes as I feared about this website the atheism is as dogmatic as the theism, for all the bluster on here the fact remains that all that can be said about the existance of God is nothing, you go through the otological, cosmological on Teleological arguments and the best that can be said of them is that they are not proven one way or the other, the best null hypothesis is that nothing can be said about anything that meets the criteria of being a God which is why I am agnostic.
Much more than nothing can be said about the existence of god. It can be said that the existence of god is very very unlikely! The existence of Russell’s teapot between Mars and Jupiter is also unlikely, as are tooth fairies, green unicorns etc. One should give no more credence to the existence of god than to these and an unlimited numbers of other things that I could dream up. Just because there are two possibilities does not mean that the two are equally probable.
Well, Jez, the name of the site is Atheist Nexus, not Agnostic Nexus. Not sure what you were expecting.

In any case, not only is there no proof or even credible rationale of any gods' existence, the concept of god as typically stated would seem to be impossible, or at the very least, so insanely unlikely as to be impossible for practical purposes. The problem of natural evil alone renders the omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent god of the Abrahamic faiths a ridiculous concept. Maybe there's an undetectable deist god, but if so, there's no practical reason to bother invoking one, since by definition, it is synonymous with the cosmos and never alters any physical laws to suit its (or our) purposes. The most logical conclusion is that there is no god. At least, not one that cares about us or one that we need to care about, since it never interacts with reality at all. And then why bother with the assertion at all?
ha. dogmatic? you seem rather closed minded yourself.

you set the bar at 50/50 and REFUSE to accept that it is any less than that.

we have no burden of proof. we don't need to prove atheism.

when the theists try to prove it, they sound stupid because their arguments don't hold no matter how smart they are.

and I don't know why anybody non-religious would be pro-theism. it's a rather disgusting thing. Perhaps you wished it was true, but "This would be the best of all world if there was no religion in it." -John Adams

Perhaps you respect theism or wish it was true, but if that is our point of contention so be it. I don't see how you can not agree that the defenses of it are stupid though. The defenses against these arguments are NOT "well... we can't know..." they are "I challege this premise and if my challenge is sound the argument is blatantly unsound."

this attitude of "well maybe" is, sure, correct. nobody can know. HOWEVER. which is more incorrect, not knowing and making a positive claim that YES it exists or claiming inpossible to prove and NOT acting on what you don't know???

there is no way around it. this is no atheist dogma. religion is a serious problem. Obviously it can't be destroyed quickly or probably destroyed at all and maybe it shouldn't be, but it is important to fight against such a, yes, stupid practice from putting world leaders in power that act largely based on those irrational beliefs.
there is also completely rational disproofs about why certain gods can NOT exist. people who claim that god is an energy source or something without describing characteristics is probably not disprovable.

However, the more claims that are made, the easier it is. The Christian god, for example, can be thrown out EASILY. Just read some Epicarus. He slays the theory. Again, you seem to assume that just because some concepts of god are unprovable, all are.
That is incorrect. Many things can be said, quite accurately, about things that meet the criteria of being a god. First of all, none of them have been found. Secondly, the Aristotlian/Judeo/Christian god looks, sounds, smells, feels and tastes exactly like someone who isn't there.
Wait...not even if you're wearing 3D glasses?
Skipping over all the backlog to just reply to the OP.


>Its a mistake to underestimate theists, some of the cleverest people who have ever lived have been committed theists

And yet on the other hand, some you can gain a full measure of their character in very short order and to call them stupid would be too kind.

For example.

Today I had one fundamentalist try to tell me that people inflicted with Alzheimer's disease deserve it because God is punishing them.

Theist = aTruster
Me = Clive the flying Ostrich*
Alzheimer's (and the soul)

Then there's the sheer leaps of illogic that is impervious to rational debate such as demonstrated here by one of the resident creationists who lurks around the BBC. (I swear if you could unscrew the top and peer inside, it'd be hollow...)

Theist/Creationist - Luther Wesley Baxter
How old is the Earth?

So are all theists stupid? No That'd be qualifying over unlimited domains like "Are all swans white?"
But a disproportionate number of the ones I encounter online have the the cognitive capacity of a bag of spanners.

And the even the ones I meet in real life: the nice ones, who maintain a quiet and humble faith, I don't think they are stupid, but they are certainly delusional I adjudge this on the basis that they tend to use the same arguments as the stupid ones - and think they are decisive.

People in my experience are quiet capable of believing a whole raft of things quiet without evidence or even coherence, all I ask is that we can be reasonable - that is use and be amenable to reason.

Few theists have offered up anything by way of a cogent argument that has ever challenged my doubt, but by now it's almost trivially easy to take down what they think is incontrovertible.

The poor dears. Maybe one day they'll get it.

*long story....
But a disproportionate number of the ones I encounter online have the the cognitive capacity of a bag of spanners.

You know - they make some pretty smart spanners nowadays that adjust to different nut sizes and angles by themselves. Don't go insulting all spanners like that.




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