Not exactly Swiss Family Robinson... sailing to the "island-of-no-gays."

Clueless christian family from Arizona, sets sail for remote Micronesian island in the middle of nowhere.  They were trying to escape the land of the abortions and gays.  Oh, and the "state-controlled church" whatever that is.

God wasn't all that helpful.  They got lost and set adrift.  Fortunately, they were found.  So I guess they thank god for that.

Family is now safe, and working on their plan B.

(Random wikipedia pic of tropical island.)

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And does Step One of Plan B consist of: "Listen to god and do as he says ... AGAIN?!?"

They could save up and buy an airplane ticket to Kiribati.  Wouldn't that cost less than a boat?

I looked up religion in Kiribati.  It's about 96% Christian, the nonreligious are less than 1%.

That doesn't mean they'll be happy there, but they might.

When I first read this story, I laughed at this foolish, reckless, deluded couple. The tale peaked my curiosity. I discovered that they were musicians, who sing and play a kind of cajun style bluegrass. They have several hauntingly beautiful songs at this site:

They suffered the terrible loss of a day-old baby girl, named Beatrice. Somehow, I'm can't laugh at them anymore.

They could have went to Iran. The last president there, "Abujennydad", said that Iran has no gays. We didn't have gays when I was in high school either. Well, this one guy we all called a sissy coz he always played with the girls.

When I read about this, my absolute favorite part was a comment made by the captain of a Venezuelan fishing boat, who upon finding them out in the Pacific told them, "You're in middle of nowhere." An apropos reflection on where religion will get you.

I liked that too.  It makes me wonder, this family not only has poor judgement, it seems like they are truly....  well, not very bright.  Did they really think they could traverse the ocean in a boat on their own, and find an island thousands of miles away?  Oh, right - with god's help.  And, lo and behold, god did save them - must be true.  They are not dead, and they did pray, and they were rescued.  Most likely, there would be no reasoning with them.   On the other hand, I guess god didn't want them going to the christian, gayless abortionless tropical paradise, either.



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