Not good for the cause but it's funny: Facebook accounts hacked.

4chan have hacked a heap of christian's facebook pages and put inappropriate comments and pics up.

SMH Article:
Coffee Desk Article:

You know how it is, if it makes fundies sad it must be funny. :P

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The ssl certificate only works for sites that are part of

I've captured my own password with a sniffer logging in here. All it takes is someone with time and intent.
I do sometimes with firefox 3.5 and I can read stuff and do some basic posting but not all the site functions work via https sadly. For instance the direct "reply to this" doesn't seem to work when you do as well as some of the side buttons.

I mostly use https when I am concerned about security, I use a fairly unique password for every separate site I participate in on the web so if one gets compromised I don't have to run around changing them all.

Edit: As felch so elgantly points out it seems to only work if you are using as all the links posted via nexus are http:// by default. So it might not work here like I thought it would. :( You can login using https but it transfers you to http as soon as you do.

Can we contribute to get the nexus a https security certificate?
Does the platform support it if the had it's own site cert?

Does the platform support it if the [] had it's own site cert?

This is what lack of coffee does to my ability to type and edit.
Good questions. I just went into the About Us section and posted under the Complaints.

Someone got back to me right away so you might want to make that suggestion there and see what comes of it.

I don't know how much it costs and I haven't set up an SSL Security Certificate myself but from what I understand it's a relatively simple process to do it and offers huge benefits to the members in terms of security.

I would think that most hosting sites would offer it.
Its a myth you have to pay for a ssl certificate. You only have to pay for a certified ssl certificate. Anyone can generate a basic one. The only thing that is of concern is the login process - I don't really care about the rest. Besides, do you want the headache ?
Well the entire profile should be secure IMO. That would be the ideal. However, you're right the rest doesn't really matter. Not to me anyway.

Why would it be a headache?
It would be a headache because people can't get their text boxes to stop jumping up and down. The average person here doesn't know how to update java or empty their cache, let alone accept security certificates. You volunteering to handhold them ?
Those issues should be handled programmatically but it depends on what they're using to develop the site. It appears to be an API so it would depend on what features the API itself offered.
I don't need it, I just like the option...

For others however in countries where there are less freedoms and more overt monitoring of communications, SSL can provides an extra layer of anonymity protection. As well occasionally it is sometimes a way around http blocks and filters (this is not always the case however).

But as Felch said it can be a headache, simply because of the extra time and overhead. Plus always having to make sure that all your html pieces are also SSL protected.

I do agree that the ssl login is by far the most important piece, and does function.
given that Atheist Nexus was having access and availability issues a week or so ago,

Just a heads up. I checked with the Powers That Be on Atheist Nexus and the site was NOT down because of any hack attempts.
Uh, oh. I have changed my Facebook password about five times since I got the account.

But I refuse to be a "closet" atheist on Facebook. Besides, once that door's open, it's impossible to close. BTW, I'm in Facebook with another nym.

Now the snarks will probably attack both. Oh, well, what the hell. . .
I have two facebook pages too. Lol. One for my alias and one under my real name.

So we're in the same boat. (sigh).

At any rate, the Atheist Nexus Powers That Be told me they weren't hacked so we're probably fine.

Their issues that day were technical.


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