Not good for the cause but it's funny: Facebook accounts hacked.

4chan have hacked a heap of christian's facebook pages and put inappropriate comments and pics up.

SMH Article:
Coffee Desk Article:

You know how it is, if it makes fundies sad it must be funny. :P

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Great, because you IT people were speaking Greek to me. I'd have to start everything all over again if Atheist Nexus had been hacked, and I started having FB problems.
I'm sure Facebook would have a way of restoring your page so it wouldn't be huge just a disruption.

Although your personal information would be vulnerable.

I never put my real birthday on these sites for that reason. If someone tries to steal your identity you can always prove your not that person because they have the birthday wrong which is critical information.

And anyone who cross checks will know any attempt to get ID is fraudulent as well.
Thanks, Trance. I'm off to change some of my information on FB and other places. . .I'd hate to lose my FB friends and groups!
I've got some discussion of this incident over at the Atheist News blog, if you're interested.
I am and I looked but couldn't find it. Could you post a link?
Yeah, it's sort of embedded in the Penn & Teller post:


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