My In-Laws took us to a brunch buffet today for 'easter'.  They aren't very religious either, but they're not what you'd call deep-thinkers.  I think they just think everyone celebrates easter, christmas,etc., that's just how it is.  Anyway it's an awesome brunch, and hey, it was free!  So I walked in there thinking if any of them said happy easter, I'd just say something like happy spring or something.  Well she accidentally said happy christmas! lol.  So I just said happy halloween! and we both laughed.  So everytime someone said it to me I said things like happy memorial day, thanksgiving, etc.  Then we came home and took naps.  Nice day!

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Lol. Maybe she was also an atheist on the spot.

I also went to brunch, it was delish but had to pay.  :(

And I admit I said "Happy Easter" in response to the hostess, oops.   :)


Ecstatic Equinox!

haaghhhh fkn' holidaze.. oooopssss I mean holy'da$e...? ; )

I went to go pick up the kids last night, about an hour and a half's drive to their grandparent's (my wife's late-husband's parents) place outside of Charlotte, NC. Grandpa's actually somewhat of a celebrity in the motor racing biz, he used to be a driver. That's like royalty in North Carolina.

Anyway, I was wearing my Reason Rally hat, with a few pins on it, including the atheist "A". I have no idea if they knew the significance of the hat or the pins, but when Grandma wished me a Happy Easter and gave me a hug, I replied, "and, Happy Spring!". No problems.

I hung out and chatted for a while, heard some great stories from Grandpa and we went home.











I think there is a time and place for

deep thinking; not when you are

drinking and having a good time.




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