This morning I thought I would get up and go yard saling again, just seeing what "bargains" are out there. Not much today except a perfectly good laptop computer case for $2. Maybe I should have found this before my wife got me a case for $28 all brand new. Oh, well.

   Not much at that sale, but I noticed something that is seen at every yard sale and auction. It's the old standby disclaimer sign that says "not responsible for accidents." This gets my attention every time and it makes me want to crack up laughing.

   Let's imagine now that Thaddeus Jones goes to the yard sale, slips on a banana peel, and breaks his frigging neck. With the great medical expenses here, we have to take them to court, the Jones family says. All is going fine until the attorney calls the Jones family into his office one day to explain, "there is nothing we can do. You cannot sue them" It seems that the attorney  has found the family having the sale had displayed the supernatural disclaimer sign "Not Responsible For Accidents" on their property. It's the law! They are covered and you are left out in the cold with your medical bills. Ta Ta.

   Who made up this mythical horse manure? I have never been to one of these sales without seeing this sign. It sounds like something a theist would make up, having typical moronic logic.

   Imagine now that you have a reason to invite people onto the roof of your house, but you have a magic sign there claiming no liability in case they fall off. If you can do this, you can also get by without insurance just because you have a "magic sign" on your car. Possibilities are endless.

   Anyone else out there with ideas or takes on this "magic sign?" I've even had the ignorant try to play lawyer and argue this with me before. Ah, come on now!

   Here's your sign! One finger up!  

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This could just be a Missouri thing, but I have never went to a yard sale here without seeing the sign "Not Responsible For Accidents." Once I told the one having the sale that I wanted to find someone who was responsible for accidents, pointing at her sign and laughed as I said it. She just looked at me dumbfounded.

For what it's worth, I'm not responsible for any accidents that happen on Nexus.  Just sayin....

I see the sign in every off-street pay-to-park-your-car lot.

About 25 years ago I asked an attorney I knew from in a Toastmasters club if such signs are valid.

A few years earlier I had taken a business law course and seen terms such as bailee, bailor, and bailment in cases when people entrust property to others without a change of ownership.

He told me these signs' purpose is to discourage lawsuits by people whose cars are damaged or broken into while parked in such lots.

Think Bluff.

I think the sign is indeed a bluff, but most people who use it haven't got a clue. It's sort of like putting on your shoes in the morning.




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