I made a blog post called Not the Usual, for people who would like to look at subjects that don't involve religion, atheism or the paranormal. 

The action will be in the comments section of the blog post.  If you find content on AN that you like, that is NOT on religion, atheism, or the paranormal, please leave a comment on this blog post. 

The text of the comment should be a short description of what is in the link. 

The "link text" - what you put in when you click on "Link" - should be copied from the content you're linking to.  (that helps avoid repeated links)

No links to sites outside AN please.  If you want to do this indirectly by posting an outside site somewhere else on AN then linking to that AN site in a comment, that's fine.  (I don't want to get into content control.)

Please don't post a link that's already been posted, within a short time. 

Please don't link to meta-content like groups and forums. 

I've illustrated by adding some comments myself. 

If you wish to make other kinds of comments on this blog post, you can do that by replying to this thread. 

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