Donald Trump has attempted to make this the era of "nothing matters."  If shit happens, shrug it off and keep going, especially if it impacts someone else and not you, and keep leaning on those two words: NOTHING MATTERS.

Well, that's not 100% right, not even close, really.  Boil it down, nothing matters all right ... TO TRUMP.  He'll carry on regardless, because That's How He Works, it's how he rationalizes anything and everything that comes to his desk, and it's how he wants everyone else to think ... because that's how he gets away with it all.  Ari Melber of MSNBC has taken on both Trump and his pet shibboleth and methodically dismantled both in the following video.  Please take a bit of time and give it an audition.  I think you'll find it's time well spent.

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It's a nice essay but who has heard Trump say, "I don't matter"?

His every action proclaims the opposite. Loudly.

It's not "I [Trump] don't matter" but IT (the surrounding circumstances [IMHO]) don't matter.  If you listen, you'll hear a younger Donald Trump insist at 0:52 that "it's just a game," and then, starting at 1:13:

I try and tell myself it doesn't matterNothing matters.  If you tell yourself it doesn't matter, like you do shows, you do this, you do that and then you have earthquakes in India where 400,000 people get killed, honestly, it doesn't matter.  That's how I handle stress. [emphasis mine]
-- Donald Trump on "Larry King Live," 27 February, 2004

Donnie can do this because he's rich enough and narcissistic enough to effectively dismiss the rest of the world as being inconsequential to what he wants.  Worse, he figures that his audience will accept his proposition that nothing matters and just let it slide.  Sorry, NO, I don't, Donnie.  I won't be disregarded or stepped on so that you can live in your bubble.

I agree with Ari that "The first step to that power is believing you have power.  The first step away from it is being told you don't have power."  That was the kind of attitude which drove the Women's March, the day after Trump's inauguration, and the marches after that, never mind a 2018 election which saw a blue tsunami hammer any thought Trump might have of skating through the second two years of his first term.

All of that and much more is saying to Trump, Yes It DOES Matter ... and WE will MAKE it matter to YOU.

Loren, Donald says nothing matters but excludes himself. He matters.

He excludes also the many things that provoke his angry tweets. Those things matter; they stir his anger.

He’s rich enough?

He knows his father has often bailed him out. He knows he is weak. His not paying his debts is not a sign of strength.

I don’t believe everything someone says.

A younger Trump said it’s just a game. He takes it seriously.

Your last phrase (“...and WE will....”) is bravado. Only you can make it believable.

Of course Donald matters to himself.  That is the root of his narcissism.  If he bitches about the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, I suspect it's because they amount to distractions from what he wants at the moment.  And "at the moment" is really all he knows.  Otherwise, he'd remember that he has contradicted himself on so many issues and regarding so many people in tweets I sometimes think he forgets as soon as he issues them.  This is not a man who is in any way introspective or self-reflective.  Trump is, to all intents and purposes, all surface and little to no depth.

As for his father, he may "know" at some level he's beholden to him, but I doubt you'd ever hear him acknowledge that beyond that stupidity about the "little $1 million loan."  Welshing in his debts to him is his being smart and gaming the system, where many other people see it for the gross dishonesty that it is.

Finally, regarding my last phrase, I took Ari Melber's statement about power to heart, though I have thought that way long before he made that statement.  If Donald Trump winds up dying the death of a thousand cuts, at least one of those cuts will be from my knife and more if I can manage it.

Nothing & nobody is as important as scump, his money, & whom or what he can buy or pay off with said money. Reality, & truth is not in his vocabulary.




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